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I’m back in the UK. Exhausted! Now I off to the mandatory hotel quarantine for passengers arriving from India.

I’m going to get some sleep and think about how can I get the most out of quarantine.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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I was feeling hungry and decided to have a takeaway for dinner. It has just rained and I’m glad for not raining when I’m out and about in Chennai. I order Chappathis, Paneer Butter Masala and fancied chicken shawarma with it. Why not?

Whilst returning home, I saw a man holding an umbrella. It was not even raining. I appreciate that he doesn’t want to get drenched. But what made me laugh, he was wearing his mask to protect his chin. Who wants to protect the nose and mouth from infectious viruses? That’s for the weak. He’s an Iron Man! He will only protect his chin. People are weird.

Anyway, I had a good chuckle and came home to eat my takeaway. It was delicious.


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My father was an avid reader. He never hesitated to spend money on books and education. I learned from a young age that books are the learning pathway. Books, pens and notebooks were some of the things he purchased quite regularly. I remember watching my father read and take notes before I knew anything about reading or note-taking.

I gifted Charlie Munger – The Complete Investor by Tren Griffin for my father’s 60th birthday. We used to talk about investing and Warren Buffett. I knew that gifting a book on Investing for his 60th would be something pertinent during his retirement years. I arranged the delivery directly to his work to surprise him. I wanted him to utilise his soon-to-be free time to become an active investor. This leads me to find books on Warren Buffett. But, what I found was the legendary Charlie Munger who I never heard of. I remember talking about my father about Charlie with such enthusiasm and excitement. I was feeling so proud that I have discovered something on my own.

Life had many twists and turns since then. I never got a chance in 6 years to have a proper chat about Investing, his love of books, reading and life at large. Now, I cannot even have the conversation even if I wanted to.

Today, I was going through his library and found Charlie Munger – The Complete Investor book. It made me realise how much I love books and reading just like my father.

Thank you, Vappa for instilling the love of reading and books by showing us the joy of it.

The Complete Investor

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Instagram suggested I follow Gymshark. I have heard of this brand but never bothered to look at it in detail.

Today, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into the company. I found out that the company is valued at £1 billion. Why?

I have never used their products so I do not know much about their product quality. All I can see is that they seem to use a ton of “influencer marketing” on social media sites. Apart from that, I do not understand this crazy valuation.

I'm intrigued to try their products. Maybe, I will give them a go once I have established a regular gym routine.


Paper has more patience than people. – Anne Frank

Journaling is something I have been doing on and off since 2013.

I have tried analogue and digital. I love analogue more than digital journaling.

Inspired by Ryan Holiday's Daily Stoic podcast episode on keeping a journal, I am restarting my journaling practise from today. It's my favourite longhand stream of consciousness journaling. There is something magical about putting pen to paper. The blank page never intimidates me. I'm more comfortable on a blank sheet of paper than on a blinking cursor.

So, why not give journaling a try? Just 5 minutes. Pen to paper or digital. Go!

Resources: 1. The Art of Journaling 2. Austin Kleon's Logbook 3. Noticing the Good in Your Life 4. Three Good Things


The father is the middle door of paradise, so it is up to you whether you lose it or protect it. – The Messenger of God, Sunnah Ibn Majah, No. 3663

We underestimate the role of fathers in our society. We do not realise their importance in our lives and in our society until they are gone.

I miss you so much, my beloved father.

#FathersDay #Vappa

I am writing this note using my new Apple Pencil. I am liking this nifty little tool so far. I was very sceptical. But, I think it is going to be so much fun using it. My note-taking heart is filled with so much.


I have setup my iPad as a mindful content creation and consumption device.

I’m looking forward to use this tool for reading, writing and sharing.

Let’s start the journey.


I got the Logitech iPad Keyboard delivered today. Still waiting for the Apple Pencil.


I have got my new iPad delivered today (16-06-2021). I'm pretty excited about it.

I went for the 8th Generation 32GB Space Grey model.

I wanted to keep my iPad with just the essential apps. I'm aiming for a minimalist iPad for content creation and consumption. I believe having a 32GB model will force me to evaluate my app download frequency. Moreover, I do have an iCloud and Google Drive subscription. So, I felt spending an extra £100 wasn't worth it. For that, I might get a Microsoft 365 subscription with 1TB of cloud storage.

I'm still waiting for Logitech Slim Folio and Apple Pencil delivery. These are expected by end of this week.

Soon, I will have my iPad set up as a “Mindful Content Creation and Consumption Powerhouse”.

iPad 1

iPad 2


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