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My father was an avid reader. He never hesitated to spend money on books and education. I learned from a young age that books are the learning pathway. Books, pens and notebooks were some of the things he purchased quite regularly. I remember watching my father read and take notes before I knew anything about reading or note-taking.

I gifted Charlie Munger – The Complete Investor by Tren Griffin for my father’s 60th birthday. We used to talk about investing and Warren Buffett. I knew that gifting a book on Investing for his 60th would be something pertinent during his retirement years. I arranged the delivery directly to his work to surprise him. I wanted him to utilise his soon-to-be free time to become an active investor. This leads me to find books on Warren Buffett. But, what I found was the legendary Charlie Munger who I never heard of. I remember talking about my father about Charlie with such enthusiasm and excitement. I was feeling so proud that I have discovered something on my own.

Life had many twists and turns since then. I never got a chance in 6 years to have a proper chat about Investing, his love of books, reading and life at large. Now, I cannot even have the conversation even if I wanted to.

Today, I was going through his library and found Charlie Munger – The Complete Investor book. It made me realise how much I love books and reading just like my father.

Thank you, Vappa for instilling the love of reading and books by showing us the joy of it.

The Complete Investor

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The father is the middle door of paradise, so it is up to you whether you lose it or protect it. – The Messenger of God, Sunnah Ibn Majah, No. 3663

We underestimate the role of fathers in our society. We do not realise their importance in our lives and in our society until they are gone.

I miss you so much, my beloved father.

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