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Recently watched an excellent Interview of @Elon Musk by @Lex Friedman.

And as Lex rightly pointed out in his opening remarks Elon is someone who has given hope back to humanity in a bunch of different ways. Even more so in these tough times.

I also noticed that, Elon has a few key ideas that he often repeats in most of these enriching convos...

Attempting to take a quick look at some of them in this thread.

Orders of Magnitude

Simply means, in powers of 10. An order of magnitude is 10X times and two orders of magnitude is 100X and so on...

Elon says, a new product or service has to be much better, by orders of magnitude for the consumer to switch from incumbents.

On Balance

All things considered. Most things in life are neither completely good nor bad. There are shades of gray to almost everything.

One needs to decide how much gray one is ok with to take action or make decisons.

Musk's individual carbon emmission might be higher than most ordinary individuals but his contribution to sustainable energy future more than offsets for this on balance.

Eating glass and staring into the abyss

This is how he says, a friend of his describes starting a company feels like.

Elon's advice was, “If you need inspiring words don't do it.”

Thinking in the limits

This is about looking at the extremes. From the atom to the universe lets say. Do things behave or work out differently in very small numbers vs a very large one?

Also, things like when a product is manufactured in large numbers does it cost less due to economies of scale etc.

Interestingly, he said a Govt is a corporation in the limit with a monopoly on violence.

Money 💰💵

Elon surely is uniquely qualified that most of us to talk about money being the richest man and all that but also because of his work with Paypal.

Money is not valuable in and of itself. It serves as a means to allocate labour.

Its an entry in a database, with mainframes that run COBOL and central banks having editing permissions to the DB.

Area under the🪝

Area under the Curve = ∫ab f(x)dx

Elon's life and work is classic example of the utility optimization function gone full throttle.

If one can create a product or service that brings happiness or improves the quality of life of a large number of people in some small way or has a huge positive impact on a small number of people, its success is highly probable.

Rate ot Innovation

In the long run, the survival and then growth is determined primarily by its rate of innovation.

This is important even for our individual careers, the degree to which we stay relevant is determined by the extent of our learning, unlearning and relearning.

Fundamental Breakthrough or Holy Grail

Concepts of Product Management

PRD; Product sense; Circle framework; product lifecycle

Technical Knowledge

Web technologies; APIs; Apps;

Domain Knowledge

Business Knowledge




Youtube Channels or Videos

Influencers (Social Media)

Websites or Blogs

Impact individual Richard Feynman

Who is he?

Surely you're Joking, if you haven't heard Feynman

One of the most famous theoretical physicists of all-time. Noble Laureate. Bongo Drum player. An Atomic Bomb builder. Space Shuttle Investigator. An amateur artist. A prankster. Above all a curious soul who lived life to the fullest.

His Claim to Fame

Joint winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on Quantum Electrodynamics. Proponent & pioneer of the Feynman technique, a four step process to learn anything. Part of the Manhattan Project where helped in the development of the Atomic Bomb during World War II. He also worked alongside Hans Bethe and Robert Oppenheimer at a secret laboratory in Los Alamos. Winner of the New York Math Championship in his last year of high school.

Words of Wisdom

Feynman at his finest – some of his best quotes

“I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers, and possible beliefs, and different degrees of uncertainty about different things, but I am not absolutely sure of anything

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

See that the imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man.

Fall in love with some activity and do it!

Perhaps one day we will have machines that can cope with approximate task descriptions, but in the meantime, we have to be very prissy about how we tell computers to do things.

Must Read Books on or by Feynman

  1. Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!: Adventures of a Curious Character

  2. What Do You Care What Other People Think?

  3. The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman

  4. QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

    Know More about Feynman & His Work

Feynman Lectures at Caltech

You can find some excellent writing on who he was, what he did as well as how he thought & taught

Know more about his humane & romantic side in this post

Explore his artistic side

Some of my favorite YouTube videos

Richard Feynman – Ode To A Flower Feynman: FUN TO IMAGINE complete 1080p

People often question, why Sadhana, how much should I do and why don't I get everything free of cost, just like that? Ans : To get things for free of cost, such a process doesn't exist in the complete existence. Kindly go through the references below to understand more.

We get what we need and deserve, what we ask and work for. If we are ready to burn midnight oil, out time, our energy, 100% attention. While we continuously put all required efforts, we wait and watch for the right things to happen.


  1. Jaganmata, Mahashakti : To marry Lord Shiva, Mata worshiped Lord Shiva as Sati in 1st Janma. Once for her father not respecting Lord Shiva she chose to perform agnipravesham. Shiva was not ready to release her body and started unendingly going round in all the space. Lord Vishnu had to instruct Sri Sudarshana to cut the body into pieces. The pieces fell all over everywhere. The power in her body due to tapasya was so much that all the places are still known as Shaktipeethas over several Mahayugas (51 shakti peethas exist on earth). She was born again as Parvati and performed tapasya again to marry Lord Shiva again.

Do you see the extent of efforts put in? Tapasya and Sadhana !!!!

Then why is she called Jaganmata? She died by taking all the pain while still giving boons to everyone through shaktipeethas. That is why it is said : Kuputro Jayeta Quachidapi Kumata N Bhavati (Ref : Devyaparadha Kshamapana Stotram by Adishankaracharya) Meaning : Maybe a bad son can be born, but a bad mother no.. never... A bad mother just cannot be born. This is in reference to the Jaganmata Mahashakti who is all set to give boons to everyone (us) by bearing all the pain herself. Nothing in this world is available for free. She gives the boons by bearing the pain herself.

  1. Lord Shiva : Devon Ke Dev Mahadev : is worshiped for improving husband-wife relationship. Why so? As you see above while Sati died, Lord Shiva could not get her back to life in physical form. He loved her so much that he stayed in each Shaktipeetham as a form of Shiva. He did not marry anyone else. He chose to go mad but waited forever ... how long ? A full mahayuga .. i.e. 4 yugas for the same soul to be born as Parvati. He again waited till she performed tapasya and married him. It is for this reason he is worshiped for improving husband-wife relationships. Any idea how much he waited? Like no other. Do you still think you can get things for free?

  2. Lord Ganesha : is worshiped for Intelligence. Do you know just after his birth his mother (Parvati) assigned him a security task. While performing his duty, his father (Lord Shiva) beheaded him. On Devi Parvati's request he attached elephant's head and brought him to life. Do you think he ever questioned his father for killing him at will and then bringing him to life again and attaching an elephant's head? He accepted his life as it came to him, no questions asked. He later earned the crown for intelligence by winning a competition among all Gods. Nothing is available in this universe for free. We need to earn what we need.

  3. Lord Brahma : He was born on a lotus. After birth he got up and started exploring the unending lotus. He was all alone and nobody else there. He thought he was the supreme. Immediately an akashvani happened you are not alone. I have created you. He got afraid but couldn't see anything. Lot of time passed in thinking while another akashvani happened “Ta.. Pa..” It took him a lot of time and contemplation to understand that he has been instructed to perform tapasya by his unknown creator. Without even knowing how to perform it, he still went within and started contemplation. After this contemplation (tapasya : surrender, not knowing what to do) completed over a long period of time, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of him. Lord Vishnu told : I have created you for a task, you are not alone. Lord Brahma asked him why did you take so long to appear and guide me? Lord Vishnu said : I guided you saying “Ta... Pa..”. He asked but why did you not give me darshan? Lord Vishnu said : you were not ready then. Only through tapasya(sadhana) you could get ready. I came immediately after your task got completed. Not even a second later. Lord Brahma asked : What do I need to do next? Lord Vishnu said : You need to start creation and build the universe on your own. Lord Brahma asked : I do not know what to do. How do I start? Please help me. Lord Vishnu dropped 4 huge mountains of books. He said these are 4 Vedas. These are your reference books, everything is explained.. what to do, how and when. You just need to learn and start experimenting with prototypes. You can learn from mistakes and use the knowledge to improve in the next iteration. Lord Brahma asked : How do I learn all this? These mountains of books are so huge. Please help me. Lord Vishnu : Please perform a new tapasya. Now you have seen me. Contemplate on my form and chant my name. Once your tapasya is about to complete, all knowledge in these vedas would just be yours. Then you can begin. Do you see the importance of tapasya, sadhana, learning from mistakes, improvement over iterations? This is an inevitable process. None of the Gods : Our creator himself could not escape from tapasya. No guidance or even darshan was available till he got ready for it. This is the story of our creator. There is no shortcut to Tapasya. What you sow is what you earn. There is no question of how much sadhana. Keep doing the right thing, have perseverance, repeat right things with patience and faith in the process of life. Once you are ready, and the milestone is complete, the universe (Divine) just rewards you with the boon. Nothing is available for free, but all the success comes through intention + efforts + grace. The fruit (knowledge and creation power) which you earn through hard work, you value it so much that it stays with you all along through life as yours.

  4. Lord Rama : He had to walk on foot from Ayodhya all the way to Srilanka. He met Jatayu, Sugreeva, Jambuvanta on the way who all helped. He got some clues, but complete clarity came much later. Yes, he had a Pushpaka Vimana flight back to Ayodhya, however no shortcut until having it. We need to earn what we need. Efforts, patience, being focused on results is the key. Do the right things, wait and watch for the right divine time.

  5. Lord Krishna : Kamsa was all prepared to kill his parents, then Lord Krishna even before he was born. After his birth, he had to leave his parents to stay in Gokulam. Even there he tried all different methods to kill him. Just for being Lord Krishna's parents, they had to stay in Jail for 12 years after which Lord Krishna killed Kamsa and relieved them. Don't ask how much tapasya they did in previous birth, as Rishi Atri and Devi Anusuya for being born again as Lord's parents. Nothing.. is available for free. It's all Lord's grace whatever you are today. Thank you for reading till here.

  6. Do you know what happens if you try to open an egg manually, before it opens naturally? The bird can never grow to its full size. There are certain growth chemicals which get generated only while the bird exerts pressure against the shell. The shortcut of helping a bird take birth can be deadly. The growth process just cannot start and the bird can die without getting its full feathers. Thus all the success is through the hard work.

  7. Same is true with child birth. It is said a mother undergoes a pain of approx 41-48 times gravity during childbirth. The pain is like crushing all the bones in the body. It is this stress that converts into motherly bond and the creative power in both of them. Is there a shortcut for the 9 months of growth and maturity inside the womb? There is none, in nature.

  8. Can a 5th standard student answer a 10th standard examination? Not possible. There are no shortcuts to right actions. The stress and ever changing life is all but natural, is part and parcel of life. It is all for our good. Without coping with the so called stress in each and every action, we just can't cope up with the continuously changing life. Change is natural and is constant. Resistance to change is death.

All these stories say a lot. There is no shortcut to success.

All hard work, intention + efforts + grace is the way.

This is really important