Skylar's Den

Welcome to my Kitsune den. I am a Kiko kitsune and I'm still learning and growing.

Well then, welcome to my space on the net! I'm new to but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it quick enough. I just wanted to write some kind of introductory post to tell you nice folx about me so that you have a way to decide if you'd be interest enough in what I plan to write about to join my mailing list and stay up to date on this blog.

So.. ehm...

Hello there, I'm Skylar and I'm new to therianthropy and otherkin. I'm 35 years old and I'm still researching my kintype(s). After doing a good bit of research about Yokai, and with the phantom shifts I've had, I have come to believe that I am a Kiko (celestial kitsune). Essentually, this is the description I got from here:

“Kiko are zenko—good kitsune—who serve the kami Inari. It is the third rank of fox spirit, below tenko and kūko. In general, kiko are between five hundred and one thousand years of age. They can have as many as nine tails, depending on their age. Most kiko are white-furred foxes (byakko), black (kokuko), gold (kinko), and silver-furred (ginko) kiko also exist. They are spiritual beings without true physical bodies, and can take many different forms. Occasionally they appear in human form (usually beautiful women).”

Basically, before I started practicing Shintoism recently I was a pagan and did a lot of meditation, trance work, and astral projection. During these, I always saw myself as a white fox. Also during times when I had phantom tails, I knew there were more than one.

Normally Kiko are bodiless, but they can choose to enter a human body to help somebody. That's pretty much my entire purpose in life even before I had a term describe myself. I'm still doing self exploration, but I think more info will come in time as I research and experience more.