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Help my family recover from the Hurricane Ida Flood!

My wife, dog, cat, and myself had to be rescued by boat from our house along the Schuylkill Canal/River in Port Providence, PA the night of September 2, 2021 due to a terrible flood caused by Hurricane Ida.

The water was about five feet in the first floor of our house, and we lost about 70% of our home, our possessions, our percious family heirlooms ... our SUV was totaled, all major appliances destroyed ... I could go on ...

BUT Wifey and I and our beloved pets are ( mostly ) OK, and that is what matters most.

We are seven weeks into rebuilding our home and our lives.

I usually do not ask for help, but this one is just too big to handle alone.

Any donations, thoughts, and well-wishes will be greatly appreciated and helpful to us.

Thank you all for reading and considering our plight. And please share if you are moved to do so.

Much love,



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