I go through periods when I'm writing in my head all the time. This is one of them. It helps to get it all out in a blog, so here we are again.

To see the old blogs, go to springdew.com and click on Morla the Ancient One. There's a link there to see the really old journals from before July 2012, but who would want to? BTW they go back to September 1997.

I'm so glad you're not looking at my two crates of notebooks right now.

I hate writing introduction posts.

So, I guess I'm an #anarchist now. It's not so much that my values have changed, though a few of them have. Mostly it's that the meanings of the old labels have changed.

For instance, in the 80s I was a #conservative because I believed in less government. Now I'm an anarchist for the same reason.

Former #Army. Mississippian. Recovering racist – of the “don't see color” variety – so I had never confronted the deeply buried racism I didn't realize was there, implanted by my upbringing and culture.

I love to #foster kittens and promote good pet health and training. I'm interested in landscaping with native plants. I think of things to write or sing all the time, so #SongIdea is one of my big hashtags.

Left Mississippi at 19 and was gone for over 30 years. So a lot of stuff has changed, but most stayed the same. A lot more people recognize me than I them, and I'm unhappy about that. Big gaps in my memory and bad at recognition.

I love rustic living so I spend a lot of time at deer camp. Interested in natural building techniques, reusing materials, #upcycling and #permaculture. Probably #solarpunk also.