Your Dog Might Be Vicious After All

Ugh OMG. We are all decompressing now after a visit from loose dogs. Two small white staffies were out loose and my insufficiently caffeinated ass let them into the back yard without isolating my own dogs first.

They tried to put an end to Sophie.

I had only a treat bag so I beat them with it to distract and confuse them long enough for her to get inside the house.

The owner and a helper came around looking for them. Kai came out the dog door and I told him to get back in. The helper said, “It's okay, they aren't violent.”

“Oh yes they are! They tried to kill my other dog!”

These dogs didn't come when called. One had slipped their collar and the other had broken their chain. I caught them myself and handed them over.

I hadn't seen any blood so I figured Sophie hadn't been severely wounded yet, and I wasn't in a panic to get in there.

She was cowering in my room. I looked her over and found a lot of drool in her fur. Once more, her thick fur saved her. I cuddled and stroked her until she felt better.

You may think your dog isn't violent. But depending what dogs they meet and maybe instantly dislike, they might be. They need training and constraint.