Things to know before choosing an INTERIOR DESIGNER

Step 1: Get Your Priorities straight.

Before hiring an interior design company get your priorities straight. This includes searching Google, YouTube for references. Know what's needed and What doesn’t need. What style you really like. Researching about the company past projects. Getting to know the team and the speed of operation that the company performs.

Step 2: Search for the perfect Design company

Now after getting the priorities right, You can start for the best interior design company. We have one based in Hyderabad right here. After you select the company there should be a few things to consider. They are Is the company representative listening? — Test this by asking him a few questions in between your conversation. Ask about the previous experiences. — Do your bit of research and try to know whether the representative is overstating about the company. An honest representative shows the company has a good culture. Ask for the catalog — Observe the catalog images and ask them how would they look in real life. Look them up in Google. Check for the company reviews and website.

Step 3: Set a budget

Set a budget before you start negotiating the deal. You don’t have to necessarily state the budget but always keep on a lookout for getting them to agree on your budget. A lot of money could be saved if you get you to follow step1 carefully. Make a list of what would be the things needed and ask the quote for each product before they start the work to avoid getting screwed.

Step 4: Ask a lot of questions

Ask a lot of questions about the services they provide, about the deadline of the project, updates on the work done and also about the details they might have missed. The more you care about details the more you can work around.

Step 5: Have an open mind

It is important to have an open mind on the design. Always remember they are also humans and humans do mistakes. Try to be in their shoes before cursing them and be good to people. Don’t abuse the workers and talk softly. But make sure he or she is not trying to force you into following those suggestions just because it’s simpler and more comfortable that way.

Step 6: Try to pay attention to details after work is done

You definitely don’t want to realize that you missed a few things after a couple of days. So do look out for details and take your time for analyzing the little things before calling it a day. If at all you are in Hyderabad feel free to check out