1906 was a great year, and then some.

There seems to be some vested interest in two of my “favorite things” (YAY). So, let me begin by saying that I am not reimbursed by these companies, in any way (shape, or form). Truly, I am just sharing for the sake of sharing. What that means to you: I’m not being paid to blog about (or, upsell) products. Not that I am against it, by any means. Only being transparent.

Let me begin with Foria. Side note, sex sells. Period. If you didn’t catch my post on this, here’s the company’s direct website link: https://www.foriawellness.com/. I happen to have experience with two of the company’s products: Awaken Arousal Oil and Intimacy Sex Oil. The company is based out of Colorado. They do sell online, as the products only contain CBD. If you’re unaware, you cannot purchase THC-containing products online (dispensaries, only). Federal regulations (blah, blah, blah). Shipping is decent, and the customer service is outstanding.

On to 1906. The company’s name originates from the last year “cannabis was widely accepted as a beneficial medicine…”. Following this, the Wiley Act was passed – effectively beginning cannabis prohibition. The history lesson the company provides is rather intriguing – I learned something! Personally, the products speak for themselves (I have tried nearly all of them). My favorites are Genius and Midnight. Both edibles are low-dose, and contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD:TCH (the only current product with a different ratio is Chill, which is a 5:1 ratio of CBD:THC). The reasoning behind this is to eliminate some of the unpleasant effects of too much THC (racing heart, nausea, anxiety, etc.) Rather, the products allow you to function during the daytime, if you so choose. The brilliant part: each product contains extra ingredients for an added boost (as an example, Genius has 125 mg of Rhodiola, a botanical that enhances mental focus). As a side note, it’s wise to check which herbal products are used (in case you take a prescription medication that could potentially interact). Here’s the kicker: due to Federal regulations, the company cannot sell online (I know, I call bullshit on the regulations). So, the states in which the products are available for purchase: Colorado, Massachusetts, Illinois and Oklahoma. If you’re so inclined, the website link: https://1906newhighs.com/

There you have it, folks. Additional deets! Enjoy!!!