Write.as Support Status

Updates on Write.as support.

I’ll be on vacation this week, Feb. 5–13, so you should expect a delayed response to any support requests. In the meantime, please use the forum to ask for help, and help others!


Matt is around to help during daylight hours (Eastern time) on weekdays.

Important: Please use our public forum for your questions, feedback, customization support, bug reports, and so on. This gives other community members a chance to help you! And it gives Matt time to work on improving Write.as.

If you absolutely need to discuss something privately, like billing issues, please send us an email.

Matt is tying up loose ends for the year, personally and professionally. To help him balance that, please only send emails for critical private matters like billing issues — otherwise, please use our forum for questions, feedback, customization support, bug reports, and so on.

For the remainder of the summer, into October, it may take us a while to respond to support requests. While we’re still moving along, we’re taking ample time to rest. If you need help with anything in the meantime, our forum is the best place to ask for it — and to help others! Otherwise we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’re back to our normal support hours, 9am-5pm Eastern, Monday through Friday.

Very limited support hours this week, as Matt is visiting with a friend and then traveling near the end of the week. He’ll be available all day on Monday, then only for critical support issues for the rest of the week. Normal support hours will resume next Tuesday, May 24.

We're closed for non-critical support this Monday, April 18. Then we're back for the rest of April! You can expect a response on weekdays, 10am – 5pm.

We're back to relatively normal weekday hours, 9am – 3pm this week. Just a heads up: we'll be closed for non-critical support next Monday, April 18.

This week, we'll be available 10am – 5pm Eastern on Monday and Tuesday only. Then we'll be closed for non-critical support the rest of the week. We'll be back on Monday, April 11!

We’ll be available on a shifted schedule for the rest of March. Expect a response on weekdays, between 11am – 5pm Eastern.