Write.as Support Status

Updates on Write.as support.

We’re back to our normal support hours, 9am-5pm Eastern, Monday through Friday.

Very limited support hours this week, as Matt is visiting with a friend and then traveling near the end of the week. He’ll be available all day on Monday, then only for critical support issues for the rest of the week. Normal support hours will resume next Tuesday, May 24.

We're closed for non-critical support this Monday, April 18. Then we're back for the rest of April! You can expect a response on weekdays, 10am – 5pm.

We're back to relatively normal weekday hours, 9am – 3pm this week. Just a heads up: we'll be closed for non-critical support next Monday, April 18.

This week, we'll be available 10am – 5pm Eastern on Monday and Tuesday only. Then we'll be closed for non-critical support the rest of the week. We'll be back on Monday, April 11!

We’ll be available on a shifted schedule for the rest of March. Expect a response on weekdays, between 11am – 5pm Eastern.

We're working slightly different hours in early March. You can generally expect a response on weekdays, 12pm-6pm. Otherwise, we'll be offline (except for critical support issues) on Friday, Mar. 4 and Tuesday, Mar. 8.

We’re back to normal hours! What can we help with? You’ll get a response 9am-5pm Eastern on weekdays.

Matt is on the road, and will respond this afternoon (Eastern time). Otherwise, we’ll be back to normal hours starting February 10.

Our founder and shopkeeper, Matt, is packing up to move this week, so he won’t be as available as usual. Thank you for being patient while we wrap things up in Florida and get ready to head north! Normal support should resume next week, starting February 7.