the alternate space

Your condition won’t improve unless your eating does. I know it’s hard to start, but you will only keep hurting if you don’t.

Took another test. Still negative.

Didn’t go to work because of GERD.

So sad. So unmotivated. Why am I feeling like this again?

Our Beloved Summer is by far the most disappointing K-drama I’ve seen recently. Mostly because it started out pretty okay, and then things only went downhill after the main couple got back together.

The characters could have been more fleshed out. There was so much room for more growth. Instead, time is wasted on stupid, inconsequential subplots that have no bearing in the grand scheme of things.

I’m debating whether or not I should even waste one more hour on this unsatisfying drama. It’s the finale and I saw spoilers. Ugh. Rush a story why don’t you?

My body was like, “If you’re not gonna eat properly, I’ll force you to.”

And the result is GERD. OTL

Rather than posting on Twitter or Instagram, I will be posting here.

Recently I’ve been feeling weirdly full at night. Twice I became nauseated and couldn’t sleep until I’ve thrown up. It’s horrible. I’m worried it’s something serious, but I’m hoping it’s just acid.

My dad tested positive for covid. Again. This is the second time. I’m glad he’s okay and the symptoms are mild but for fuck’s sake, please take care of yourself old man. 😩