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They asked me “What does trust mean to you?”. I responded:

It is 'embracing vulnerability'.

Trust is intriguing; it isn’t easily built by merely being honest and consistently offering help.

Strangely, it is often more readily formed when one dares to expose their vulnerabilities and seeks help.

I find this fact fascinating.

After all, it is not about being vulnerable by itself; it is about being confident enough to explore your vulnerability.

Trusting yourself is the first step of all.

#EmbracingVulnerability #ArtOfLife

One of my all time favourite quotes from Albert Camus:

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Reflecting on these powerful words from Camus, I see myself wandering through the symbolic landscapes of our inner seasons. The depth of winter stands for those really tough times in life, those moments filled with despair, doubt, and darkness. The invincible summer, on the other hand, represents the strength and resilience we all have inside, a source of hope and light that's always there within us.

Camus’ words speak to me about the importance of self-discovery. They act as an anchor that grounds me and urges me to find my own strength especially during tough times. It reminds me that we all have the ability to overcome difficulties, to find the warmth, and to start again.

It’s under that cover of snow that we face our weaknesses, our fears, and our pains. Only by accepting these dark sides, we can find the answers that will help us to turn up our light.

#InnerSeasons #ArtOfLife