A blog written by a neurospicy 30 year old something from the UK. Occasionally I talk shit.

As a 30-year-old diagnosed with ADHD, residing in the UK, and proudly identifying as a gay man, my journey is a tapestry of unique experiences and challenges. Despite grappling with a fluctuating academic record and navigating through various senior roles, I've come to embrace my individuality and the complexities of living with ADHD.

While I may not conform to traditional work patterns, I relish in moments of directness and authenticity, cherishing connections with those who share a similar sense of purpose. My relationship with methylphenidate fluctuates, offering occasional respite from the throes of ADHD-induced procrastination.

Dabbling in recreational drugs infrequently, I find solace in the euphoric escape they provide, immersing myself in a kaleidoscope of sensations and creativity. Though some perceive me as unapproachable, I simply march to the beat of my own drum, eschewing the need for approval and prioritizing genuine self-expression.

Balancing the desire for stability with an innate craving for freedom, I navigate through both dark and joyous days, finding solace in the unconditional connection I share with animals and the unabashed pleasure I derive from sexual encounters.

Yet, amidst the impulsivity and occasional fatigue it brings, my ADHD journey is one of self-discovery, resilience, and embracing the intricacies of what it means to be me. And in this journey, I find solace, purpose, and the courage to embrace every facet of my identity with open arms.