Tiny Things

Small joys, deep thoughts, and a million other things


How does one get into a good writing habit? Like anything you need to do it every day. I am not all that concerned with if I am a good writer, and I am more concerned with writing in a way that others can related to. Something that if someone finds it they learn a little more about me.

zSo, to that end I am setting a goal to write something here every day for 30 days and post a photo along with it. It might be an older photo, but they will all be my photos, taken by me.

This was my first dog Marley, she was also the original “smoochdog” which was the name of my first blog back in the early 2000’s. She was a tough dog, reactive and never ending energy, but she was a good dog too, and she taught me how to love a dog.

I love to write…randomly. On no particular schedule and about any number of random topics. Sometimes I feel that word “random” describes me well.

I feel cautious when I write, usually worried about who might read it. It’s the same as I feel about publicly presenting. I’d rather present to a room full of 1000 strangers, than to 10 people I know really well. It’s about the approval seeking part of my personality. I don’t care what 1000 anonymous people think, but I do care about what those close to Me think. Probably too much so.

Before starting a blog (like everyone else in 2000), I wrote on a mental health website about my struggles with depression and anxiety. I wrote freely there because it was a “closed” community and I felt validated by those who were similar to me.

So I am here, which feels like somewhere between that and social media which is too crafted in style and personality for me. It feels like too fast paced, to much about likes and follows and isn’t really a platform for really writing.

I am also hoping to try out a new platform called foto for a better less social media foto sharing app when I comes out later this year.

It’s interesting to try and write about oneself. But I promise I will soon. :–)

I am kind of over social media. I miss the days when I had a blog and really wrote, so here I am. This platform seems like a good fit for me. If you stumble across this post, say hello.

I want a place to write, to let my thoughts meander, to share content and photos that bring me joy. This will evolve over time, but for now here I am.

“It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” ― Dale Carnegie,