Export Thunderbird to PST (Things You Need to Know)

Thunderbird to PST conversion is not an easy task at all. It has been considered the most difficult conversion task of all times. It can really make conversion process hell for its customers. The task is known for unlimited time, energy and money consumption. Therefore, it is necessary that new practitioners proceed for the task with some guidelines.


To export Thunderbird to PST, one needs to take care of many things. Customers can easily make the conversion process easy and smooth with the help of these guidelines. First rule is to never use the manual process for the task. The manual process for the task is full of complications and requires high skill set which normal practitioners do not possess. It is avoided also because it can be very risky for the database.



The second rule is to get a professional tool for this task. The professional tool will help you in making the right decision for the exportation process. A professional tool should not be very hard to find. It should belong to a reliable company with a rich history of exporting Thunderbird to PST without failure. It should also have variety of testimonials to its name. The company should be a certified company.

The professional tool shall possess a number of rich features which will bring the best Thunderbird to PST converter to the forefront. Some of these features are as follows:-


A professional tool’s interface shall be very safe and smooth. Its interface must be so user-friendly and interactive that it can easily make customers feel at home. The interface will further make customers comfortable by demystifying the task. This is usually done with the help of self-explanatory wizards.


A professional tool will leave nothing behind in terms of conversions. The tool will make the conversion process a delight. It will convert everything from mails to database to meta-data content. The tool will also preserve texts of non-English language. It should also be capable of converting double byte character language such as Japanese and Chinese.


Only a professional tool will take care of preserving the folder arrangement. It will make sure that the original folder arrangement is always preserved no matter what. This is important because it helps in easily accessing the converted files after the conversion process is over.

There are many tools one can choose from. However the best tool one can use is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. The tool possesses all the features described above. It can also make the conversion process easy and smooth with the help of it latest technologies and is the only tool you will need for all Thunderbird to PST conversion needs.

Export Thunderbird to PST

Free trial version

The tool also has a free trial version which helps potential customers in making the right choices. The tool’s demo version comes with a limited time period. Get the offer as soon as you can!

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