Mom Life of 6

Y si yo soy la mala de esta historia por que me canse de ser la buena......

Por que por mucho tiempo fui la buena, la que hacia excusas por ti sin que tu me las dieras. Fui yo quien te perdono varias veces sin que pidieras perdon. Fui yo quien te deje que me trataras como una opcion, por permitir todo lo que hacias.

Fui yo quien acepto ser una mas del monton deseando ser la unica. No me valore yo misma al dejarte tratarme asi.

Y si me parte el corazon perderte pero si no te pierdo a ti hoy, me pierdo yo para siempre.

Y si al perderte pierdo esos momentos bonitos, pero yo queria tu amor para siempre no en ratitos. Si tal vez pierda eso abrazos pero queria que me sostuveras para siempre. Y si tal vez pierdo noches de pasion pero yo queria noches de amor.

And from every person that has been in my life I've learned.

He taught me that I had to learn to be alone and be happy alone before I could be happy with anyone.

He taught me not to settle and be with someone, just to not be alone.

He taught me how much I enjoy a good conversation, and even when it was not important for me it was, because it was important to him. His happiness was mine.

He made me see a side of me I never knew existed, that person that could be sweet was in me this whole time and it took him to bring it out.

Now if one could teach me that LOVE does exist and last for ever.....

Y deja que pase el tiempo que el es el mejor aleado del olvido

Cuando apenas habia aprendido a estar sola , llegaste tu sin que te buscara, y sin saber que te necesitaba.

Y de un de repente se derumbo mi mundo al perderte por que me perdi yo.

Aun puedo sentir en mi corazon tus abrazos aunque fisicamente no puedo recordar ya las caricias de tus manos ni el olor de tu piel.

No es la piel la que tiene memoria..... es el corazon.

And from not wanting to want you....... you became everything I ever wanted

And somehow again Im left empty again. Maybe I was not meant to have love or be loved, it sure feels like it. Everytime I give my love I end up loving more than I am loved and end up more broken.

As Morgan Wallen one said “Looks like I'm learnin' the hard way again It's all my fault, Yeah, I dropped the ball”

A friend once said we are overthinkers and we expect the worse so when it happens we are not as surprised because we already played it out in out heads.

But even after all that happened all I wanted was you. I wanted you for the person you were, the battles you got over and for all the future I saw in you. For a future where we were in each others lifes. I wanted the good the bad and the ugly. I wanted everything because I wanted you to be my person. Everything was worth it if it was with you.

Then reality hit and just like that life has shown me that we are not meant for each other

I was at a point where i did not want anyone to enter my life again. I had given my all and ended up with nothing. I had given my time, my energy and my love. I was left empty inside.

He came out of nowhere, and got me at my flight. Yeah, at my flight! if i start to feel anything flight is my response. Because i've been here before and ended up broken and empty.

I don't want to start from zero. I do not want to feel the need to need you. I don't want to smile when i think about you. I don't want to imagine a future with you in it.

I don't want to get a good morning text, I don't want a good night text.

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