College Move-in Day Tips and Tricks

The first days at college are an exciting period in the life of any recent schoolchild. Choosing an institution, they may decide to study in another city or even abroad. Everyone experiences difficulties after the move. The main thing is not to concentrate on failures and mentally see what is happening as concretely as possible, say psychologists. Here you'll find out how a young person can adapt to a new environment.

How to Become a Little More Self-Confident?

Unfortunately, there is no simple remedy that could be immediately applied and overcome self-doubt. It is believed that a lot depends on whether there is some area in which a young person can feel competent. For example, if they have always been involved in sports, then in another city you can enroll in a hobby club, for example, a sports team or section. And at least in this community to feel competent and confident in their skills and knowledge. The same applies to any other type of activity – intellectual, creative.

How to Adapt Quickly?

Someone takes a week to adapt, while others take a year. This is neither good nor bad, it's just that all people are very different. It is impossible to say for sure because everything depends on the specific person and the environment in which they found themselves. After all, it can be not only another city but also another country with a different language environment. In addition, a person can find themselves in a situation where they do not know anyone at all, and in such a situation when they are still familiar with someone but not very close. Much still depends on personal characteristics.

How to Be Less Afraid of the Future?

First, we must remember that hardly any of us will be able to predict it. The future will come when it comes and will be what it will be. Moreover, to think abstractly about the future is senseless and wrong. After all, generalized non-specific thoughts about what may happen do not help in any way – neither in the present nor in a theoretical future.

Therefore, our main and core advice is to think concretely. It would help if you looked for answers to the following questions: “What is happening now?” and “What can I do at the moment?”, “If there is such a situation in the future, how will I cope with it, who will I turn to, or who will I call?”. It is always recommended to think from the global to the more situational and specific.

Should You Be Afraid of Being Alone?

The simple answer is “no, you don't.” For many people, loneliness turns out to be a very resourceful time. This is the moment when a person first manages to pay attention to themselves and understand how and where to move on.

However, for some, loneliness may not be very helpful. In such a situation, you need to go somewhere more often, enroll in interest groups, circles, sections at your university, do not hesitate to take part. In addition, various events are regularly organized in big cities, where often no one knows anyone and everyone wants to get to know each other.