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Not the win I was expecting, but...

05 May 2020 ~ 13:30

Win with Black

... I'll certainly take it. Pictured above is the position of pieces on the board when my opponent playing White resigned our Correspondence Chess (CC) game earlier today, giving me the win with Black. No, checkmate wasn't threatened. But given my material and positional advantage, I'd probably get there eventually.

When I saw the notice from our chess club that one of my opponents had resigned, I expected it to be another game. I've got an even stronger position in one of my others. My opponent there might be waiting for a checkmate. We'll see.

In other happy news I was delighted this morning to see how easily my new little Chromebook recognized my printer and printed from it. It was an exercise in frustration and futility when I tried to print years ago from a much earlier model Chromebook.

And now, the adventure continues.

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