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Good Habits, Good Decisions

good habits

The week now ending has been challenging in the Roscoe-verse. There were days of monotonous boredom, and other days calling for serious out-of-the ordinary decisions. But throughout it all I was able to maintain a sense of calm and right-thinking.

A major help during this strange week has been keeping up with some very healthy habits: daily prayer & Bible reading, and physical exercise. Now, I don't spend nearly as much time in prayer as some others do, but I make sure to get in some form of formal prayer and Bible reading at least two or three times per day.

Though my days as a competitive runner or serious weight lifter are many, MANY years behind me; and though I'm trying to self-quarantine as much as possible (me being elderly now and with underlying health issues), I can still spend time on my stepper-machine getting a good burn in my major leg muscles, or working through a routine of stretches remembered from my years studying tai-chi.

And look, this past week I didn't miss a day on those good habits. They helped a lot toward making this a good week, I'm sure of that.

The adventure continues.

Posted on 23 May 2020, this is my 22/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Old habits, newly done

03 May 2020 ~ 18:00

exercise habit

In order to make life under the current lockdown environment more bearable, I've taken a few steps this afternoon.

The HabitShare app on my phone has shown itself to be both an efficient way to track my daily prayers and an incentive to keep at them. Since starting to use this handy tool I've not missed a day in over two and a half months.

There were different times in my younger life when I used to exercise quite regularly. Now that I'm older I've gotten out of that habit. But now that I'm living a much more sedentary lifestyle, it's more important than ever that I retain what health I have. And regular exercise will help with that. So, starting today I've added an exercise habit to the app on my phone and have recorded my first workout.

Even though I'm no longer able to attend Mass at my local parish, I'm still attached to it and feel responsible to do what I can to help it continue. And though I'm no longer to drop my weekly offering in the collection plate, I have taken advantage of the online giving option they offer, and have today registered to have a monthly contribution deducted from my credit card and sent to the parish. So I'm still giving as before, but in a new way.

And the adventure continues.

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