Three simple chores, but... (my day 6 of the 100 Days...)

30 April 2020 ~ 11:30

simple chores

... they are, nonetheless, chores I've assigned myself to accomplish today. And after I've completed all three I'll be able to relax this evening with a certain sense of satisfaction.

For most of my life I've relied upon daily task lists to organize my activities: professional, recreational, and personal. And I use 3x5 cards and more traditional bound paper planners. Pictured above is a snippet of today's 3x5 card.

Basic everyday activities seldom make it onto these lists, some have lists of their own kept in other places (daily prayers and Bible reading, chess games, etc.) and others I just do as a matter of course.

Now it's time for me to get busy. I may be retired, but I do have chores to attend to.

The adventure continues.

I am participating in a blogging challenge called #100DaysToOffload. This is my day 6/100. Check out for more info.

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