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After a surprisingly productive early Thursday...

... this late afternoon finds me relaxed and mapping out my major project for the next few months: cleaning off the back porch and cleaning out the garage, throwing away as much trash as I can get away with. Tomorrow and Saturday should allow me time to make a good head start on that chore, weather and general health permitting, of course.

The plan is to get rid of the stuff cheaply and legally, bagged in the appropriate large kitchen trash bags and placed in my brown trash bin for weekly scheduled pick up. It will take some time (months, for sure) doing it that way. But I'll avoid the legal hassles of tossing it all into some dumpster, (businesses pay for those, you know, and anyone caught using them illegally can get into a heap of trouble!), and I'll avoid the expense of hiring someone to haul it all away.

Since the pandemic has shutdown any chances of making the international move I'd planned until late 2021 or 2022 at the earliest, I've got plenty of time to dispose of all that junk bag by bag, week after week.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 24 September 2020, ~16:15 CDT, this is my post number 71/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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Moving through my Monday chores


They say that holding to a regular schedule is important if one wants to have a successful retirement, and if one wants to maintain good mental health during the pandemic lockdown. Fortunately for me, scheduling and prioritizing my chores and activities has been a time management habit of mine for decades.

Mondays now always include at least two particular chores: 1.) doing my laundry, (two loads are moving through the machines now and there will be a third); and 2.) filling my morning and evening pill boxes with the medicines, vitamins, and food supplements I take daily. Pill boxes and bottles pertaining to that 2nd chore are pictured above.

And so it goes.

Published on 15 June 2020, this is my post number 32/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

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A quiet Friday in the Roscoe-verse (100 Days... my day7)

01 May 2020 ~ 16:20

Very little new in the Roscoe-verse to report today, which doesn't disappoint me to say.

The yardman came and did his usual efficient job. He arrived promptly, did his work quickly and as quietly as possible and was happy to leave with fifty dollars. I consider that money well spent.

Does changing the calendar pages in my paper planner from April to May count as a chore? I may need it to make my daily allotment of three chores completed.

The server-based correspondence chess games went well today. I'm only a few moves away from checkmating an opponent in one of them. With my Queen, Knight, Bishop and a Rook all bearing down on his King, it's only a matter of time. Heh.

So... no complaints from this old boy.

And the adventure continues.

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Three simple chores, but... (my day 6 of the 100 Days...)

30 April 2020 ~ 11:30

simple chores

... they are, nonetheless, chores I've assigned myself to accomplish today. And after I've completed all three I'll be able to relax this evening with a certain sense of satisfaction.

For most of my life I've relied upon daily task lists to organize my activities: professional, recreational, and personal. And I use 3x5 cards and more traditional bound paper planners. Pictured above is a snippet of today's 3x5 card.

Basic everyday activities seldom make it onto these lists, some have lists of their own kept in other places (daily prayers and Bible reading, chess games, etc.) and others I just do as a matter of course.

Now it's time for me to get busy. I may be retired, but I do have chores to attend to.

The adventure continues.

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One Happy Humpday (100 Days To Offload – day 5)

28 April 2020 ~ 15:00

As the afternoon wears down toward evening I'm happy to note that the daily tasks I'd set for myself this morning have been accomplished. Granted, there weren't that many, but still.

Earlier this afternoon I jumped online and deleted an expiring credit card from two shopping/delivery services I use, and added a new card. And I entered moves in all my ongoing correspondence chess games.

And just a few minutes ago Amazon delivered a package I've been expecting. The package contained an old-fashioned safety razor and a supply of double-edged stainless steel blades. This is the kind of razor I learned to shave with as a boy over half a century ago. It will be good to start using it.

Just a few small tasks, yes. But I can mark them as completed on my daily task list and move into the evening with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that this day has not been totally wasted. And the adventure continues.

I am participating in a blogging challenge called #100DaysToOffload. This is my day 5/100. Check out for more info.

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This afternoon I was surprised to see...

05 April 2020 – 13:45

... the long line of shoppers waiting to be let into the HEB Store on Austin Highway. Aided by cute little markers either painted or glued onto the sidewalk, everyone in line was keeping a safe, six-foot distance from everyone else. And I took my place at the end of the line.

As shoppers in the store completed their purchases and left by a big exit door, an employee there would keep count and call over to another guard at the entrance that he could now let a batch of us in.

The system worked well. Shopping in the store was less stressful than I've found it really recently. And the shelves were better stocked. There were only two items on my list that I couldn't find. And neither of them were “critical.”

And so the adventure continues.

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We beat the rain!

01 April – 18:30

Over the seven years that we've lived in this house I've hired two different yard men and taken upon myself the lawn care chores for a number of those years. This year I've hired a new man. Today was his first time working for me and he did an excellent job.

The weather was perfect for yard work today but I just saw the local weather forecast calling for rain and thunderstorms starting tomorrow and lasting for four days. Friday is supposed to be the most stormy and Friday afternoons will be the day we agreed upon that will be best for him to work here.

Depending on the grass and the weather I'll call him on every other Thursday, or every third, and give him the “go ahead” to come over that Friday. This week he did his work today and we won't have to worry about the upcoming rain.

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More chess? Why not?

21 March ~ 09:00

This Saturday in the Roscoe-verse starts like most others: old Westerns are playing quietly on the TV in my room while the rest of the house sleeps, the mug on the table in front of me is about to be refilled with coffee, and weekend plans are being made.

When she returned from a shopping trip last night she told me to be careful when walking out in the front yard, she'd just found two piles of dog poop. Sure enough, when I took the trash out this morning that's what I found. And I found a pile of cat poop on the other side of the yard; I saw a neighborhood cat deliver it yesterday evening. Yuck! So I'll be out front with the poop-scooper in a few minutes.

In happier news I've added added one more active CC game to those I currently have in play. As the China-virus isolation project continues it seems I'll have more time to work on my games. And rather than using my chess time as a casual diversion, I'll have time to study the games more seriously. Who knows, I might even be able to boost my active rating.

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After cleaning up the poop...

17 March 2020 – 13:00

... left on my front walk by that horrible old man's dog, I decided, “What the heck, as long as I'm out here with rough clothes on,” that it would be good to get some more yard work done.

I had already mowed a patch of the highest grass prior to taking care of the “poopy” chore. So now I hauled out the weedeater, the blower, and a couple of hand trowels...

Yard tools

... and got to work. And I must admit that after that bit of mowing, and cleaning, some trimming, uprooting a few obnoxious weeds, and blowing the sidewalk and driveway clean, things do look (and smell) a bit better out front.

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Next time the cut will be closer.

11 March 2020 ~ 13:00


The midday temperature in my little corner of the world is moving steadily up through the 70s, the sun is shining brightly, and the yard called out for attention. So I hauled the mower out of the shed and went to work.

The side yard needed the most work so I made some quick passes over it and it does look better now. The rest of the yard can wait for another week or so.

Before putting the machine away I adjusted the wheels to let the blades set much lower. The cut will be close to the ground and the results much more noticeable the next time I mow the lawn.

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