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Changing the focus

Christmas corner

We're constantly thinking about how to make our little Christmas corner better. How to make it more accurately reflect the way we think about this holiday.

As originally set up, the two trees with their colorful lights left the Nativity set in shadows, barely seen. And we didn't like that at all. Our focus is on Jesus and we wanted the Baby Jesus and the Nativity set to draw more attention than the two lit trees.

At the moment we have the lights on the big tree turned off, the little tree is lit, and we have a bright light shining directly down on the Holy Family and other traditional characters of the set. Most likely this is how it will stay for the rest of Advent and through the traditional Christmas season.

Of course we do reserve the right to change our minds and make more changes if we want to.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 18 December 2020 ~ 17:00 Central Time.

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