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Writing corner of a desktop in my home office on New Year's Day, 2020.

As this first day of 2020 begins it finds me quietly working in my home office. January's paper planner pages have replaced December's in the binder, and a record of my daily activities has begun.

The posting of this snapshot starts a new project. (You all know I love my projects, right?) As I turn 72 y/o this month, we'll call this my Seven – Two project. Each week of this year (a block of seven days) I'll try to post two pictures to Roscoe's Journal and I may occasionally share them elsewhere. These will be snapshots taken by me, or pictures taken of me, or something I dredge up from one of my archives scattered hither and yon. We'll see what I come up with. It could be fun.

Hope you all have a happy 2020, and may you enjoy your projects, too.

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  • by Roscoe