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Following the herd?

The past few weeks have seen, and the weeks ahead will continue to see, a mini-stampede of conservative folks leaving the giant social networks of Facebook and Twitter, looking for places on the Internet where they can speak more freely, without fear of censorship.

Given the fact that much of my family seems to be permanently stuck there, and so many folks I personally know from the Philippines use Facebook almost exclusively and will continue to do so, I'll keep my account active there. I already cancelled my Twitter account many weeks (months?) ago, and have no interest in ever going back.

The social networks where I keep an active presence can be found listed in the sidebar of my primary website. Folks leaving Facebook will probably find MeWe their most comfortable landing spot. Probably.

As for me, I'm satisfied with the social sites I haunt, and have no plans to look for any more.

And the adventure continues.

Published on 13 November 2020, ~21:10 Central Time.

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