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4 ½ Hours for Breakfast?!

I had just finished a simple, early breakfast and was still working on my first cup of coffee. “Would you like iHop for breakfast? I'll buy,” Sylvia asked me, walking down the hallway from her room. She was just waking up.

“Sure,” I replied. “Just give me a few minute to get ready.” And by 10:00 a.m. we were in the car leaving our neighborhood headed for the closest iHop, downtown on Broadway, an easy ten or fifteen minutes away.

As we approached this iHop we noticed the long line of people waiting outside the place, waiting to be seated. I went inside, gave the lady my name and phone number, and was told that it would probably be 45 minutes before a table opened up. Huh! We decided to find another place.

After doing a good bit of in-town driving, which took much longer than it normally would have due to most of the traffic lights blinking red, last night's electrical storm having buggered up that system, turning the busy intersections into four-way stop situations, we finally located another iHop she knew about. But it was shut down, in the process of being rebuilt.

Next we found our way to a Shoney's, where I put us on the wait list and was told it would be at least half an hour before we'd be seated. As I was waiting there, the first iHop called and told me we could be seated. I told the lady she could give our table to someone else, we'd already found another place to eat. Then Sylvia came back into the Shoney's and told me she'd located another iHop only three minutes (Yeah, right!) away.

After navigating through many busy intersections that had reverted to four-way stops (see above) we finally parked at this new iHop. We decided that we'd wait here, no matter how long it took, rather driving around. So we went in and waited about half an hour, were finally seated, and had a great breakfast / brunch.

The drive home took longer than normal due to,,, you know, all the four-way stops that so few people here in San Antonio apparently know how to handle. It was 14:30 (2:30 p.m.) by the time we walked through our door again, sat down, and began relaxing from our breakfast adventure.

It's interesting to note that I left home without a face mask, spent our entire 4 ½ hour breakfast adventure without wearing one, and wasn't hassled about that by anybody anywhere. At every place we stopped there were other totally unmasked folks, too, from only a handful at one place to a dozen or more at others, and I never saw any of them being hassled either. And I felt sorry for so many of the masked among us, hiding needlessly in fear from a threat that is no longer as dangerous as it was once promoted as being.

Posted 29/May/2021 ~ 16:00 Central Time #blog #unmasked

  • by Roscoe