This has been a very productive Sunday.

Waking early, I texted the next door neighbor lady to wish her a happy vacation and to verify the cat sitting I'll be doing for her while she's gone. She has a number of inside cats (4 or 5? I'm not sure) and I'll be checking on them every 2 days or so, cleaning the litter box, and putting out fresh food and water. She'll be gone a little over two weeks, so no big deal.

I took S out to brunch at one of our favorite restaurants and have just sent her out to get her nails done for Christmas. That's always a big deal for her, getting the nails done. Seems rather silly to me, and needlessly expensive, but it makes her happy. So...

And I spent nearly an hour out in the front yard with the leaf blower. Every week the city empties my big organics bin and I'm thinking it may take a month or so for them to haul away those leaves. Then I'll start on the back yard leaves. And then it will be time to start mowing the grass on a regular basis. Yardwork. Boo!

Now I'm relaxing in front of the TV, watching my woeful Dallas Cowboys trying to lose another football game.

And the adventure continues.

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