Two books open at the moment

I seem to have fallen into an old habit, one that has given me a certain sense of comfort many times in the past. Sometimes for years at a time before circumstances pulled me away from it. I'm reading two books at a time, one fiction and the other non-fiction.

The Gunpowder Coast is a science-fiction novel I've just started and am enjoying quite a bit. Loaded onto my Kindle, this is a book I can comfortably read in bed or anywhere else I happen to be.

The Gunpowder Coast

The other book I'm working through is an RMS Emacs Manual. Those of you familiar with these things know it's an over-sized 800-page brute of a book. I've got it in paperback rather than hardback but it's not the kind of thing you carry around. And it's not what anyone would call light reading. Solidly settled in my home office next to my computers, this will probably take me the rest of this year to work through. Maybe longer.

Emacs Manual

The science fiction book will certainly be finished first and replaced by others while I continue to work through the Emacs Manual. But this reading pattern will help divert my mind from the ridiculous news cycle that always proves to be so embarrassing during a Presidential Election year.

And the adventure continues.

Posted on 20 May 2020, this is my 21/100/365 of the blogging challenge.

#100DaysToOffload #books