SEC Finally Sues Ethereum to Shut Up XRP Community

Citing the fact that “they just won't shut up and constantly barrage us with factual but annoying criticisms,” the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally sued the Ethereum Foundation for selling Ethereum as a security in an effort to subdue the online XRP community.

“It was so goddamned annoying,” said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler of the overwhelming online assault from fervent XRP supporters. “Every time I tweet, every time the SEC tweets—even about stuff that's off the subject—they just bury us in insults about going after Ripple but not Ethereum. Enough already! We're suing Ethereum now, okay?! Back off!”

Tweet from a beloved XRP community member, one of thousands of daily tweets bashing the SEC for unjustly ignoring Ethereum while attacking Ripple and XRP for alleged securities violations.

The action has angered and confused many in the online Ethereum community, including Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin.

“SEC is SUING us?” said Lubin, tearing up upon hearing the news. “B-b-but... our ICO was in 2014... I thought we were in the clear! I thought we got away with it! Ripple are the bad guys, not us!! WWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”