'Settlement Specialists' Mingus & Mingus Hired by SEC in Ripple Case

In a shocking move that has the online XRP community salivating at its implications, the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission announced the addition of Mingus & Mingus to their high-profile Ripple case Friday, a law firm well-known for its specialty in case settlements.

“Yes, almost 98 percent of our work is on settlements,” said a Mingus & Mingus spokesperson to XRP-Productions reporters, “and yes, the majority of our settlement caseload is for the SEC. But we cannot comment on what they have hired us to do concerning this Ripple case.”

Attorney Leonard Mingus of law firm Mingus & Mingus, whose LinkedIn page states, “I LOVE settling SEC cases!” The recent addition of his firm's services on the Ripple/XRP security case has caused rampant online speculation.

The SEC's addition of the firm, made up of brothers Leonard and Lawrence Mingus of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, has already garnered high-profile cryptocurrency world attention.

“What did I tell you?!” said popular YouTuber 'BitBoy Crypto,' hyperventilating in a video released Friday afternoon, “SETTLED BY SEPTEMBER! SETTLED BY SEPTEMBER!! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”