Your Freelance Writing Journey

If you’re a freelancer, It’s a mistake not to have a freelance work relationship without a contract. Contracts are in your and your client's best interests, and they offer many benefits. Two or more parties enter into a legally binding contract. They let you specify what you’re doing, how much it’s worth, and each party’s responsibilities. Some of the reasons to have a contract include:

  • Reduce disagreements or misunderstandings and outline how to handle them if they arise. 

  • Both sides acknowledge and agree to payment, time, and deliverables in advance. 

  • Legally binds the parties to the contract’s terms. 

  • It can protect both parties, including the contractor. 

What issues do freelancers face without a contract? 


It is estimated that one in three Americans work as freelancers. The number of freelancers in the US is 57 million, representing 34%  of the national workforce. Experts estimate that by 2027, most workers in the United States will be freelancers. Therefore, to remain relevant and be successful professionally, you must consider marketing your services as a freelancer. Today, we’ll discuss tips to help you promote your business effectively.


People choose to work as freelancers because they have more freedom to choose their projects, hours, and location. Freedom makes freelancing enjoyable because freelancers can balance work and life.

Ironically, freedom is also the hardest part of freelancing. Your boss defines your tasks and deadlines in a conventional 9-5 job. You know what to deliver, how long you have, and where to work from. This rigid structure eliminates the burden of planning the workday. It also makes you accountable and ensures you deliver.

When freelancing, you must choose your tasks, set aside the time to complete them, and create a positive work environment. Things can get out of hand if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. You can lose a whole day without having completed any tasks, and therefore not have earned anything. It is possible to take on more than you can handle, miss deadlines, and upset clients. You can have a distracting workspace.

It all comes down to managing your time. If there’s one skill you have to learn to be successful at your craft, it’s time management. In this article, I’ll discuss seven techniques you can use to manage your time as a freelancer.


As a freelance writer, you can use many resources to find jobs, improve your writing, manage projects, find topics to write about, get s ideas on freelance writing rates, and get support on your freelance writing journey. I’ll discuss some of those in this article.

A website

A website is an essential resource for freelance writers because it makes them look professional quickly. People who start a website and use it to market their writing business gain more clients and make more money writing.


If you’re trying to make money as a freelance writer, there are many different ways to do it  – you can look for writing jobs on job boards, pick up article assignments on content mill sites, get work through content agencies, or bid for jobs on freelance websites. I’ll discuss each source of freelance writing job leads and give examples of some of the best websites in this post.


Now that you’ve decided you’re ready to take the plunge and start your own freelance writing business, we need to discuss what you need to create a successful freelance writing business. There are only a few things you need to create a successful freelance writing business – at least one stream of writing income, whether it’s clients, a writing product, a blog, or all three; a way to track your time,  a way to track your expenses, and a way to market your product and/or services.

Clients, a product, a blog, or all three

You can find work as a freelance writer in a few different ways:

You can work for a content writing agency. That’s what I did for the first five months I worked as a freelance writer after I quit my job. However, I ended up losing my contract with the agency because some clients found evidence of plagiarism in my articles. After that, I started getting freelance clients on Upwork. I’ve been doing that since June, and it’s gone much better for me – I’m still not making much more than I made when I worked for the agency, but I’m working on it.


So you’ve decided you’re tired of the rat race. You’re tired of having to answer someone else, ask them when you can go to lunch, take breaks, take vacations, and go home for the day. Great! But before you decide to start freelance writing full-time, there are a few things you should do – i’ll discuss those in this blog.

Make sure you have enough money to pay bills for at least three months, preferably more.

When I quit my job last year, I had about three thousand dollars in my bank account. That helped me pay bills while I got started. My husband was still working full-time and we were still on his health insurance through Obamacare so I could do that. I was lucky enough to find work right away – it didn’t pay as much as I was making at my old job, but I made enough to pay the bills I needed to pay and put some in savings, which helped.