[Started 05-Jan] The Christmas tree still sits in the corner of the living room, diagonally across from me as I sit here on the couch typing away. Waiting for the twelfth day of Christmas to end, its cheerful red, green, blue and yellow lights shine out across the room, matched by the lights in the bay window that greet passers by on the street.


How much information do I need on a daily basis about this global pandemic? At the start of it all, I was following stats from John Hopkins several times a day. Checking news websites. Debating pros and cons of the different response options from different countries. Railing against the apparent sheer stupidity and ignorance of certain politicians and swathes of the public. Not everyone has the same level of education but distrust of experts, buying into conspiracy theories, and wilfully harmful spinning of facts to fit political and other world-views and narratives in the name of “freedom of expression” seems, to me, just plain wrong.


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Pick your favourite saying. Perhaps it's a variation on a theme of the Chinese proverb attributed to Lao Tzu:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Or maybe it's Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music, singing in your head:

Let's start at the very beginning A very good place to start!

The point is the same. Sometimes you need to stop thinking and just do something!