Barry Learns Some Truths

I put in an offer on a house. There's so much paperwork, and it's all moving so quickly.

There's so many i's to dot and t's to cross—and the house won't finish construction until fall. I know 2020 wasn't great for most people. In 2018, I changed jobs. From 2019 to now, I feel like I'm growing into who I'm supposed to be and learning who I am as a person.

Career changes, taking on various roles, and purchasing this house make me feel like I'm on a new adventure. For some parts of 2020, I did feel like I lost my sense of purpose. I felt like a passenger on a ride with no destination. Acknowledging what I could control, and identifying goals I could start on helped me stay motivated.

In drafting and thinking about Barry's story, those emotions and feelings got captured in my outline. Hopefully there's room for another cliche fantasy story of opening up, personal growth, and adventure.

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Barry Learns Some Truths

They're fine, Terrance said. Barry placed one hand in front of Uncle Bernard's face, and the other hand on his neck. He could feel Uncle Bernard's pulse and breath. They're fine. Barry sighed with relief.

Barry grabbed his bag and ran out the door. His heart was pounding. How will Uncle Bernard and Aunt Lynn react when they woke up? Would they know Barry was to blame? Will the boy be at Adventure Lake?

Once you've drugged your guardians, the only choice is forward, Barry thought to himself. He increased his running pace. You're smiling, Terrance noted. Is this how it feels when people feel alive?

The boy's red hair was as visible as the sun in the sky. The fear of no one showing up left Barry, but a new fear took over.

“This is the Druid I was talking about,” the red-headed boy said. Around him were a girl with silver hair, a blonde boy wearing metal gloves, and a kid in a large hoodie. They were all staring at Barry. This must be the boy's party. Was there some sort of initiation? They were all looking at Barry expectantly.

“I'm Max.” The red hair boy broke the silence.
“I'm Sheila,” the silver hair girl introduced herself.
“Marshall,” said the boy with gloves.
“Cassidy,” said the girl with the hood.

They were all staring.

“I'm Barry,” Barry spurted out. He wasn't accustomed to introducing himself.
“And who's that?” Max asked gesturing to Barry's pocket.

Barry lifted Terrance out of his pocket, “This is Terrance—”
“See, I told you I found a druid,” Max proclaimed.

Terrance crawled down Barry's arm and went back into his pocket. “Please join our party,” Sheila said. “We need one more,” Marshall added.

“I'm not a druid—,” Barry started.
“If you can talk to spiders, you're a druid.” Max interrupted.
“Or a Bard.” Cassidy corrected.
“He's talking to the spider without an instrument.”
Max and Cassidy continued bickering over what sounded like make believe.

“Don't worry, we'll keep you safe.” Marshall reassured Barry, “and if not, Sheila's the best healer around.”
“What are you all talking about?” asked Barry.

“Are your parents not druids?” asked Sheila. Barry didn't know.

Max cupped his hands to his mouth and began whispering to them. His hands slowly started to glow with a warm orange light. Max brought his hands out in front of him. He uncupped his hands and floating in them was a small flame.

Max threw his hand out towards the lake. The flame grew and shot out to the lake. It split and rippled across the lake like a firework until it fizzled out.

“Show off.” scolded Cassidy. Barry had never seen something so beautiful. Was it magic? He wondered.

“You shouldn't be casting spells out in the open,” a stern female voice bellowed.
“Shit, it's the Dungeon Master,” Marshall remarked.

Marshall, Cassidy, Sheila, and Max all stood at attention.

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