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We left Facebook in March — that is, we decided none of our humans should have to interact with our official page anymore. Today, robots carry our Twitter posts there to keep any followers in the loop.

Here at Write.as, over the past three years we've built a platform guided by a vision of digital spaces where one can be themself and freely express their dreams, thoughts, and desires without scrutiny; places where we can remember our own humanity in that of others, and can connect over that shared dream with any person across the globe, thanks to the internet.

We understand that many people don't have a choice in using Facebook because it's where their friends and loved ones hang out and talk. We know that many don't mind it if their every personal detail is being catalogued by this platform (among many others) — if they're happy, we don't want to change their mind.

But we and millions of others are working on a new model for the web. One where communities are formed around human interests instead of corporate ones; where you and I can socialize without also being told to buy more things we don't need. We're building this for you and for us, whether you want to #DeleteFacebook or love seeing advertisements relevant to your interests. We're building it so that at least we'll all have a choice.

So our humans have left Facebook. We hope you'll all come along with us on our journey to building a better model for the web — but if not, we'll see you when we get there.

The original announcement on Facebook.