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We're starting this month off with an old habit we dropped for a while — monthly updates! April saw a ton of improvements to the platform, new releases, and new aspects to Write.as that we're excited to share with you here.


It's been a great month for Write.as! Since our soft launch earlier this month, we've seen the most new posts of any month in our 17-month existence — many of which now live with other posts on new Write.as blogs.

We've been working hard on polishing everything up since our launch, and lately have made a few minor improvements we wanted to share:

  • Better post URL generation. Write.as automatically generates URLs for your blog posts, and now we've made them smarter, so your links are always descriptive but concise.
  • A better writeas.com experience. If you originally picked writeas.com for your blog URL, you should have an easier time editing and getting to your posts now.
  • Tagging when cross-posting to Medium. Now any hashtags you include in your posts will automatically be added to your Medium post as tags (they'll also show up in your cross-tweet, if posting to Twitter).
  • Better text on hi-res displays. We made some simple changes to make text look beautiful on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and any other high-resolution display.

As we approach July, you'll see new documentation on all the extra things you can do with Write.as, plus some updates to the Chrome extension and more. See you later.

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