Welcome back to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog. This will be our biggest blog to date and will contain new information for everyone.


As of this writing, nearly 90% of the swap has been completed. This is amazing and shows that CasinoCoin has a very active community. Within a week of the swap starting, the backlog for KYC was reduced to zero and typically swap times are now less than 24 hours.

Swap dates

Began: April 20, 2021
Ends: June 18, 2021

Note: If you swapped early in the process your account might have ‘Rippling’ enabled. This MUST be disabled as soon as possible. Please follow the link or scan the QR code on the infographic below from within your XUMM application to check and/or fix the flag.

If you have completed the swap with our tutorial and haven’t received your CSC(XRPL) within 48 hours, be sure to contact support ( Please note: 90% of all support requests are users that did not tap ‘Continue’ on step 19 of the swap tutorial. Please scan the QR code below to verify that you have done this before contacting support.

If you have not swapped yet, please withdraw your old CSC from exchanges and follow our tutorial.


Out with the old, in with the new. CasinoCoin is the leading issued token (not serving as a bridge currency) on the XRP Ledger. The XRPL has many advantages that include XUMM Wallet integration, enhanced security, lower fees, team focus, exchange integrations, and reduced KYC costs. We’re just getting started on the XRP Ledger and we’re enthusiastic about the contributions that we can make to the ecosystem.

Allow us to take a moment to show our appreciation for some of the partners who supported us during the swap and will continue to do so in the future.

XUMM (Wallet/Swap Support)

XRPL Labs and the team behind the XUMM Wallet have brought a concept to the table that has set the standard for coin swaps. We expect many other tokens to utilize XUMM for both swapping to the XRPL and as a wallet. Thank you Wietse and XRPL Labs!

Explorer (

All XRPL explorers support CasinoCoin. However, one community member built an explorer that has nearly every imaginable metric. If you’re looking for a CasinoCoin explorer, has you covered. Thank you Chris (FlyingFox)!

LiveCoinWatch (DEX API)
As there was lack of proper reporting, we built an API that reports CSC DEX volumes properly, and LiveCoinWatch was the first aggregator to integrate it. We are currently expanding and fine tuning it for all CasinoCoin pairs. Once that is done and tested, we will expand this to every pair traded on the DEX. Thank you LiveCoinWatch!


Marketing and the CasinoCoin brand were fully revamped over the last month. Some of the highlights include a new website, reworking our social media presence, blog articles, sales deck, as well as ensuring that data aggregators are up to date.


The website and domain of CasinoCoin were updated for the swap. The look was modernized and we will continue making enhancements as we go forward.

Visit us:

Social Media

The presence of CasinoCoin on social media is growing at an incredible rate. Twitter continues to lead the charge in terms of followers, impressions and overall activity. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit have been rebooted and discussions have been ramping up on all of them. Each has updated branding and links. Make sure to follow us as we frequently post on a regular basis. You can find links to our social media at the bottom of this article.

Blog Articles

CasinoCoin has had four blog articles in the last month. We intend to keep these on a regular schedule going forward, so be sure to follow us on Coil and be on the lookout for them.

CasinoCoin: A New Era

CasinoCoin: Meet the Team

CasinoCoin: Meet the Advisors (pt. 1)

CasinoCoin: Meet the Advisors (pt. 2)

Sales Deck

We have a brand new sales deck and have begun sharing it with potential partners. This will be released very soon.

Data Aggregators

As is usual with a swap, we need to contact all data aggregators to be sure that they are displaying the correct information about CasinoCoin. This is an ongoing process and we will continue to do our due diligence.

Future Content

We believe that CasinoCoin is a unique prospect and we want to make sure everyone knows even more about it. We’re going to focus on our reach and expand into new arenas. CasinoCoin has a large, loyal following that’s growing fast; the number of people willing to share our ideas is staggering. Go ahead and share your knowledge of the CSC token with people you know. If you have suggestions for marketing or you’re interested in a potential partnership with CasinoCoin, we would love to hear from you.

CasinoCoin Lobby

Eminence Ltd, is building an xApp that will act as a lobby in the XUMM Wallet on the XRPL.

The latest XUMM Wallet version includes a new functionality called xApps. An xApp is a web application embedded in the XUMM Wallet that fulfills a specific function or addition to the existing wallet. In the case of CasinoCoin, we have created a new application called the CasinoCoin Lobby. This new application will be made available in the XUMM Wallet once it is released.

The main function of the CasinoCoin Lobby is the ability to sign up, deposit and withdraw to and from casinos via your wallet. As the XUMM Wallet already has KYC verification built in, you will be asked to allow the CasinoCoin Lobby to access that information on start up. This will facilitate the registration with potential casinos as they can authorize users coming from the CasinoCoin Lobby.

Deposit and withdrawals will be as quick, easy and very cheap – as fast as 5 seconds with a cost as little as $0.00001 USD (based on current XRP prices). Other functionalities that will be included in the Lobby xApp are setting Gaming Limits, Self Exclusion and more.


Our staking program will be available soon and allow us to offer great rewards for simply holding your CSC and keeping them safe. Staking will initially take place on 3rd party services, and we are looking into creating a specific solution that is on chain. Initially up to 10 billion CSC can be locked.


Our current strategy with exchange listings is to get listed on tier two exchanges, build volume, attract new customers, then list with the bigger top exchanges. We are currently on track to get listed on additional exchanges very soon. Currently, if you are interested in purchasing CSC, it is available on both DEX and CEX.



Sologenic (CSC)

XRPToolkit (CSC)


Bitrue (CSCXRPL)

STEX (pending relist)

Listing (A)

ETA: June 10

CasinoCoin has signed an agreement with a Tier 2 exchange. We have a great relationship with them and the listing will be fast tracked so we can start trading sooner rather than later. This is a springboard to our goal of being listed on as many exchanges as possible. We want to be sure that anyone who wants to purchase CSC can do so easily.

Listing (Ω)

ETA: Soon

We are in the process of entering an agreement with a top 15 exchange but we cannot disclose this yet. More to be revealed as soon as the deal is inked.


CasinoCoin was brought to fruition as a platform for operators and users to utilize as a payment solution that benefits both. CasinoCoin benefits the user by offering affiliate bonuses and rakeback. Operators benefit by an increase in user traffic and volume.

The result of our work is just around the corner. The first phase of the CasinoCoin agenda begins now. Phase one of our plan is to partner with Tier 2 casinos focused on provably fair games and regulated by Curaçao. With the xApp near completion and tests in progress, our two current partner casinos have begun integrating CSC natively on their platforms. Expect to be playing at your favorite casinos with near instant deposits and withdrawals soon!


CasinoCoin has experienced a major transformation over the past half year. We’re excited about our progress and what we stand to accomplish in the future. CasinoCoin is no longer just an idea on the drawing board, its use case is evident and defined.

As we move towards the second half of the year, CasinoCoin will advance our agenda on all projects and become the leading gambling cryptocurrency token. Our goals are clear: finish the swap, increase our reach and engagement, introduce staking, and continue to add more exchanges and casinos to our list of partners.










We're back with a midweek edition of the CasinoCoin blog. Recently, we published bios of the first half of our advisors and today we're going to give you the rest.

As the CasinoCoin ecosystem continues to expand into new arenas, and our community keeps growing, we’ll build on this for our development. In order to do so, we've teamed up with some highly regarded individuals who will assist with our strategic operations.

With a great mix of skills from this very committed group, we are providing the means to bring users and operators together on the CasinoCoin platform.

We're excited to have such passionate advisors onboard. Let's meet them.

  • Jonathan Reinsdorf
  • Desmond Pyfrom
  • Mark Wittenberg

Jonathan Reinsdorf is the CEO of FroogalPay (LLC), a payments company that provides solutions to software developers and merchants to improve credit card and ACH processing. In addition, Jonathan is the Managing Member of TripleShot (LLC), a custom software development company, as well as being senior analyst and advisor to the CEO for the Education Alliance.

Jonathan is a member of the Executive Committee for the United Center Joint Venture. He is also a board of trustee for the Noble Network of Charter Schools and YWCA Metropolitan Chicago. Finally, he serves on the philanthropic committee member for TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities) and the advisory board of Zacoustic.

Jonathan has over 18 years of legal, investment banking, real estate and higher education consulting experience. His advisor role at CasinoCoin will focus on establishing contacts for payment solutions.

Desmond Pyfrom is the CEO of SunCash, an innovative technology company specializing in financial payments and transfers, and headquartered in the Bahamas. SunCash is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the Bahamas and the Securities Commission to deliver services to consumers across The Bahamas. He has long been an enthusiast of CasinoCoin. Desmond's advisor role at CasinoCoin includes mobile payments, facilitating transactions, and ATM networking.

Mark Wittenberg is a crypto educator with a huge following. He has been in Partner Development with the Verge currency ($XVG) Core Team since early 2018. He was also previously on the board of advisors for CasinoCoin, so his links with CSC go far back. His love of crypto is reflected in his very impressive 243,000 followers on Twitter (@itsmwittenberg). He is also a podcaster and interviewee for the crypto community. Mark's advisor role at CasinoCoin includes payment solutions and strategic partnerships.

There you have it, another amazing group of individuals who support CasinoCoin and benefit the ecosystem. We're happy to share them with you and we're extremely excited about what the future holds for CasinoCoin. We hope you enjoyed the blog and we'll be back soon with another. In the meantime, be sure to check out our media and chat channels. You can find the links below.

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Welcome back to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog! Last week we profiled Eminence Ltd and the core team behind CasinoCoin. Today we're going to introduce some of our advisors and their roles within the CSC ecosystem. We have a wide variety of highly engaged individuals covering a range of skill sets. As we progress further along our campaign it’s imperative that we continue to improve relations within the gaming and payment sectors.

This will be the first part of a two part mini-series which will give you an overview of who our advisors are, their journey and what they are accomplishing for CasinoCoin. We're extremely excited to have them on board and are honored to have such influential associates.

Without further ado allow us to introduce our first set of three advisors!

  • Ivonne Montealegre
  • Mark Idea

Ivonne Montealegre is a gaming marketer with an MSC in Clinical Psychology and founder of the Malta Poker Festival. Ivonne's CasinoCoin journey began after meeting with an associate and learning about the solid team behind it. She finds CasinoCoin to be an interesting opportunity to join the industry during its embryonic stage of development. Ivonne's advisor role at CasinoCoin is networking and making pivotal introductions with business prospects.

Mark Idea is a qualified lawyer, and cut his teeth working first for the BBC and then Capitol Radio in London. He completed the trifecta of experience spanning television, radio and technology when he worked as Legal Counsel for 10 years for the online poker giant, PokerStars. He now works in Malta as Group Director of Legal at another large gambling operator. An astute and pragmatic lawyer with sound commercial nous, regulatory knowledge of online gaming across multiple jurisdictions and an expertise in data protection law.

Feel free to do more research on our wonderful advisors and how they benefit the CasinoCoin network more than ever. It's great to share a bit more insight into CasinoCoin and the cogs that make the wheel spin. We hope you enjoyed the blog and we'll be back soon with the next part of our “Meet the Advisors” series! In the meantime, be sure to check out our media and chat channels. You can find the links below!

Thanks for reading!

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Coming Soon: Meet the Advisors (pt. 2)

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Hello and welcome to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog! Today we'll explore the people behind CasinoCoin and what makes it tick. This blog will be our first on Coil with original content. We'd like to set the tone and bring a sort of lineage to it so new and old members of the CasinoCoin community can see what we're all about, in an easily discernible manner. Moving forward, we plan to release at least one blog per week so be sure to follow us on Coil to get the latest news while it's hot!

In recent history, CasinoCoin has gained community following at an amazing rate. One of the major reasons is that new management has taken over the project. Many gaps were filled and meaningful partnerships were mended. With this fresh start in mind we want to make sure that we are as transparent as possible and anyone that wants to find necessary relevant information can do so easily. We have big expectations for ourselves, and so should you!

As per our previous blog, CasinoCoin leadership was replaced by Eminence Ltd. There are 3 founders of Eminence Ltd., Daniel Keller, Matthew Cheetham, and Andre Jochems.

Let’s meet them…

*Daniel Keller,* Chief Technical Officer of Eminence Ltd., has been a System Administrator for mid-sized companies in various industries since 2003. In 2015 he led the charge guiding a casino from the grey market to fully regulated. One year later, he began working for CasinoCoin as a Technical Consultant. At the end of 2020, Daniel took the reins of CasinoCoin after the failure of old management.

Daniel initiated his journey into cryptocurrency in 2010 after reading about Bitcoin and began mining it promptly. In 2016, Daniel was introduced to CasinoCoin and was intrigued by the idea of creating a dedicated payment solution for the gambling industry. Soon after he started working for CasinoCoin as a Technical Consultant. Daniel's current role at CasinoCoin is to manage and coordinate all operations from daily business to long-term strategy.

*Matthew Cheetham,* Chief Operations Officer of Eminence Ltd., has been a manager, owner and licensee in the hospitality sector since 2011.

Matthew began his expedition into cryptocurrency in 2017 when he learned about XRP from an associate. He was always interested in volatile markets and became fully engrossed during the bull market. Shortly after that, Matthew discovered CasinoCoin and thought it was a natural fit due to the fact that it combined his passions, cryptocurrency and gambling. Following that, he was so captivated that he integrated himself into the project. Matthew's current role at CasinoCoin is market research, actively securing partnerships, and liaising with casinos.

Andre Jochems, Lead Developer of Eminence Ltd., has been full stack developer for various companies since 1998. In 2012 Andre discovered an article online for Bitcoin, and it piqued his interest for further research into other cryptocurrencies.

In 2013 Andre started mining CasinoCoin. Soon after, the original developer of CasinoCoin departed, and Andre began maintaining the blockchain codebase. It was apparent that Andre wanted the project to succeed, and he was made lead developer. Andre's current role at CasinoCoin is to manage development, build applications, and plan future projects.


Beyond the founders of Eminence, there are several others working on CasinoCoin to make sure the wheels are spinning! We have big news regarding exchanges and casinos coming soon so be sure to stay tuned to our blog and social media!

Thanks for reading!

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This blog post is a consolidation (with updates where relevant) of token swap references from the old CasinoCoin website. Please refer to the new CasinoCoin website in the future.


In November 2020, CasinoCoin(CSC) had a change in leadership. CasinoCoin’s former Technical Consultant, Daniel Keller, stepped up to take the role as the new Chief Technical Officer and will lead the business forward in a new, more-focused direction. Daniel is supported by Matthew Cheetham as Chief Operating Officer.

Previously based in Malta, the CasinoCoin Foundation has been replaced by Eminence Ltd. on the Isle of Man. Eminence Ltd. will be the parent of CasinoCoin and CSC will live on, under a new rebranded identity.

Since the leadership change, CasinoCoin has been able to reach new agreements with multiple parties and define a clear strategy for moving forward. We have also secured considerable additional investment funding, led by the Knox Group of Companies in the Isle of Man. This will ensure that we are able to deliver on our strategy.

CasinoCoin as a product will be heavily focused on Tier 1 & Tier 2 gambling markets. With the substantial new investment, we now have enough capital liquidity within the operational business to target a top 15 exchange listing for CSC. Due diligence is currently underway and we aim to be listed on our targeted exchanges.

With regards to previously announced proposals, FUD Limited — also based at the Hubb in the Isle of Man — is working on a number of exciting projects. FUD continues to work with SunCash on the development of a new DLT solution and we will continue to share knowledge and expertise where mutually applicable.

In order for us to remain compliant with GDPR regulations, anyone who is currently on the CasinoCoin mailing list or a BRM user must grant Eminence Ltd. permission to email them. You should have received an email from us regarding this. If you haven’t received an email, please opt-in via this form.

Token Swap

On April 20, 2021 CasinoCoin initiated a token swap from the CSC Ledger (CSCL) to the XRP Ledger (XRPL)*. The token swap is taking place off-exchange only, in conjunction with XRPL Labs, utilizing the XUMM Wallet. The XUMM Wallet employs an embedded migration wizard which allows users to import their existing CSCL accounts and facilitate the swap via the app.

Due to regulations, KYC is mandatory. Bankroll Manager (BRM) features like the Game Lobby will be re-released as an xApp for XUMM once the swap is concluded.

*We will swap GFG and CR8 holdings at a ratio of 1:1. If you swap your GFG into XRPL CSC, you will not be able to claim your GFG back at a later date.

Swap Details

Swap Announced:

January 19, 2021

*Swap Dates:*

Begins: April 20, 2021

Ends: June 18, 2021

Duration: 60 days

Swap Requirements:

- Government-issued ID, passport, or Drivers License

- 20XRP on a separate wallet or exchange (Account reserve + Trustline)

- Your CasinoCoin account secret.

Swap Information

Swap Tutorial

Please note, the following countries are sanctioned by the Isle of Man where Eminence Ltd. is based:

Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma Myanmar, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Nicaragua, Republic of Belarus, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

If you are a citizen of a country that is currently sanctioned by the Isle of Man, please contact support ( for assistance.

For updates on the swap, check this page, and follow our Official Twitter. You can also join our Official Discord Server and check the following channels: #swap-instructions, #announcements, #official-tweets and #wormhole.

Moving Forward

We’re excited about the move to the XRP Ledger and we are looking forward to collaborations with XRPL Labs. This will present CasinoCoin a multitude of opportunities in the future. CasinoCoin on the XRPL is going to focus on being a fast and cheap payment solution for regulated industries. From our point of view, the XRPL is the most fitting solution for this purpose.

In recent years community-driven development, decentralization, and the ability to submit amendments accelerated. This allows the CasinoCoin team to focus on core development, no longer having to maintain the integrity of the network. Being carried by the XRPL will also make it easier when it comes to 3rd party integrations like hardware wallets and exchanges. We are also thrilled about the DEX abilities and opportunities. Eminence Ltd. will support the XRPL by running a validator.

2021 Achievements

Community Following: The number of people actively following the progress of CasinoCoin has grown tremendously. We’ve seen a 400% increase in the number of active users in our Community Discord, our Twitter following has almost doubled, and we’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of people engaged in our Telegram channel. Furthermore, there are now over 11,000 people with CasinoCoin on their CoinMarketCap active watch list.

Active Wallets: Over 5,000 new CSC wallets have been created. More users than ever are actively holding or involved with CasinoCoin.

New Technology: We are now in the process of swapping CasinoCoin Ledger (CSCL) to the world-class technology of the XRP Ledger (XRPL)

Casinos: In the past, CasinoCoin was positioned as being the future of gambling-related payments. Now, we have secured multiple casinos that will support the deposit and withdrawal of CSC and negotiations with several more are ongoing.

Head Office: CasinoCoin operations will be based out of the Hubb and we are in the process of establishing our new head office. The Hubb was a natural fit for us moving forward, being the home of blockchain and crypto-related businesses on the Isle of Man.

Market Cap: CasinoCoin had a total market cap of $3,017,702. On April 16, 2021 CSC hit an all-time high of $177,739,054, representing a 5889% increase in value.

Trading Volume: the volume of daily trading activity has also increased from a peak of $520,700 to $3,269,577 representing an over 600% increase in volume.

Exchanges: We have entered into new agreements with several exchanges that will support the buying and selling of CSC. Our mid-term goal remains to have CSC listed on a Top 15 Exchange, with a listing on a Top 25 Exchange in the near future. CSC is now more accessible than ever.

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