Be A Freemason

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On social media I find that I often get questions about how one becomes a Freemason.

In the United States, Canada, and Mexico we have set up a web service that will connect anyone interested in Masonry with their local lodge. It's a very easy way to take the first step.

Be A Freemason

For those residing outside of North America, the local Grand Lodge will need to be directly contacted. There is a very good listing of these contacts maintained by the United Grand Lodge of England.

Foreign Grand Lodges

Unfortunately, scams do abound online. Even my own photographs have been stolen by those seeking to dupe the innocent. To protect yourself from scams, remember that in order to become a Freemason, you have to ask a Freemason. In person, not online. You'll be invited to visit the Lodge and its members. Again, in person, not online. Lastly, no legitimate Lodge will ever ask you to pay any sort of fees or dues before you have met at least some of the members of that Lodge, in person, and been given ample opportunity to make an informed decision about becoming a Mason.

Cameron Bailey Deputy Grand Master The MW Grand Lodge of Washington

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