Masonic Words

As we all know, Freemasonry has a lot of secret words. Passwords for the Degrees and otherwise.

Of course these words serve a valuable purpose. They are one of the ways, when combined with other things, that we can prove that we possess the Degree or Degrees that we claim to have received.

In the modern world, in the United States anyway, we have things like Dues Cards, apps like Amity, and other ways to prove that we are Freemasons. In the ancient world it was more difficult. Words, tokens, grips, and catechisms were vital tools in the Freemasonry of the past. Perhaps a little less so from a practical perspective now, but even today, these words do remain important.

Of course our ritual rarely explains what these words mean in detail, but one of our most illustrious Brothers of the past attempted to do just that when he published his work:

The Book Of The Words by Albert Pike.

One word within that work is Emeth. I find it interesting from two different perspectives.

Pike defined it as meaning:

“Truth, Justice, Right, Fairness, Sincerity, Fidelity, Integrity, Firmness, Stability. A true man.”

I find the word Emeth to be quite perfect as it relates to Freemasons, for surely all of us who properly understand our Ancient Craft seek to embrace these virtues within our own lives, as we strive to progress down the Masonic path which helps a good man become an even better man.

Pile further defined it as meaning:

“Perpetuity, Permanence.”

I find the word equally perfect as it relates to Freemasonry as a whole, for Masonry is undeniably permanent in our world, and I think that all of us strive to ensure its perpetual existence.

Emeth. A great word.

You can find lots more in Pike's book. Available from the Scottish Rite here:

The Book Of The Words



Cameron M. Bailey Past Grand Master The MW Grand Lodge F&AM of Washington

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