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By Mayea

June 27 2020 3:30pm

Its after my clinic on the 105th day of quarantine. Here i am sitting on the same chair wearing a gown, a face mask and a face shield, pondering. Would our one-year younger selves thought that our lives are about to change in an instant?

Adversity comes in many forms. Lucky are those who have experienced this just gradually changing their lives like a creeping vine. They can slowly adjust and acclimate. But those who encounter adversities hitting them like lightning left with no choice but to live with it and endure.

Endurance is paramount to success. That I believe. Those who endure the most are those who have lived their lives to the fullest. They are the people who never give up,finding ways to continue to be better. They are the ones who adapt easily, never losing focus on their goal, reaching it until they finally thrive.

So here I am still sitting on the same chair. Today is one of the days that I continue to live, adapt, endure and thrive.

A response to the Now prompt

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By Beginning of the End

When I play games, I prefer characters with long-range, burst, and a high AoE. It feels satisfying to kill a hoard of goblins using a single skill without receiving damage. They're master of power and control.

  • Assassin-type is also a great choice for me, being stealthy and killing without even them knowing. They're the master of trickery and deception.

  • Berserker-type can also be viable for me, with a high defense and a high attack, charging without a thought and inflicting fear, barely receiving damage. They're the master of versatility.

In roleplaying games, we specialize in classes, and focus on what we can do, more than what we cannot do. There are some, though, who tries to cover up their weakness by adjusting various stats or skills.

How about in real life? Do all humans belong to a specific class?

By choosing a specific path, one can reach its fullness, focusing on the things s/he can do, seeking help from others for the things s/he is incapable of. Those people with “class” lives out the best of their lives.

I envy those people, who have a certain, innate skill. All they have to do is to invest their skills and talents properly, focus on that path and aim for success.

Those people who has no talent in anything, and hence, no specific path are the classless people. They are not a real-life mage nor a berserker nor an assassin.

They can freely choose whatever they can be, but whatever they do, they can't be on the spotlight.

But it can't be helped. The world's fairness is just as it is. I accepted the fact, at least on the outside, that a nobody who has nothing can never be someone unless he has a certain path to go through.

A jack of all trades but a master of none, trying everything until something clicks, wasting time on the most unnecessary things, clinging to the hope to become someone, someday.

I am indeed an idiot.

A response to the Now prompt

#now #100daystooffload #NoLongerHuman

By Happy soul

It's almost 1:00 in the afternoon and I'm lying on my bed. It's cool outside today but my mind is kind of exhausted from all the thinking. I always wonder that will I ever get to live the life I want or imagined? No, I don't wish for money or posh apartment or anything. I wish for a place far away from the chaos of cities, with small green planters. A place I can call home. With a cup of coffee in my hand reading a book in my favourite corner and my doggo playing with my duppatta and running around me. What a life would that be. I believe in law of attraction and hope this becomes true one day.

A response to the Now prompt


By selmakovich

Now has never made a lot of sense.

I see anger I feel anger – but is it now? Was it there all along? I see bodies in the street and corpses laying dead. In french we use the same word, dead or alive. There is outrages for statues thrown in the river. Bodies of stone over bodies of flesh. Claiming the past sounds like a weird privilege to be holding on to.

Thoughts don't come easily, maybe it is not the moment to reflect. Work seems bleak, but there are other kinds of work that can bring warmth. Work like: “how are you doing” Work like: “maybe stay here” Work like: “you are not silent if you just don't know how to speak”

A response to the Now prompt


By Dark Frost

(Just one of those many Random thought without context I do have sometimes during night)

Sometimes I find myself waking up in midnight crying helpless and holding my pillow tears won't stop falling from my eyes. There's a pain in me and it hurts and I don't know why. Feels like this pain is a part of me or maybe am a part of the pain. A far stretched loneliness clouding my vision and I get covered in this darkness of it. This weird feeling of missing something or someone stays there. This longing and yearning never seems to end. I am a composed person and am calm but right now right here in this four walls I am... Idk what am I? I feel like loosing myself or maybe I have lost myself already and Honestly there's no way to confirm either of it. Why do I feel this way and when exactly it all started is a mystery to me. I am trying to make sense out of it. As soon as the sunlight kisses the earth on its forehead. The world seems to wake up. Everyone going back to their slumber.

A response to the Now prompt


By Andreas

I’m searching for the optimal blog service and maybe I have found it in Write.as. But I’m not sure yet. I have a Posthaven blog, a Micro.blog and a blog hosted by Write.as. I like them all, but it’s too much to handle. Still I want to keep them all. My native language is swedish. On my Posthaven blog I only write in swedish. On Micro.blog I’ve been doing both swedish and english and the same for my Write.as blog NDRS.WORK. I write about my life, nothing special. Nothing great for other to read but I like it. And it helps me focus on today. If there are any other multiple blog service users out there I have a question for tou? How are you handling things?

In response to the Now prompt


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