Baby Bow Saw – Kolrosing

Once the saw was “done” I still wasn't quite happy with it. I decided it needed decoration. With the light yellow of the citrus wood, the dark brown of coffee grounds made a very pretty contrast. Kolrosing (or kohlrosing) it is!

I decided to do a more linear pattern on one side, and a more curvy, or floral pattern on the other, mostly to get more experience and figure out what I like better. I started with the lines.

Front view of the pieces of the bow saw after kolrosing

That was yesterday morning. This morning, I made curves.

Reverse view of the pieces of the bow saw after kolrosing

In both cases, after carving the lines, I rubbed finely ground coffee grounds into the lines, then lightly sanded the surface to remove my pencil marks and coffee that wasn't in the lines, then coated the wood with tung oil, which should lock everything into place.

So there it is. Fin.

Front of bow saw, assembled

Reverse of bow saw, assembled



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