Boring Tools Till – Resawing the Drawer Sides

Dec 28, 2021

I received a question about resewing the ¾ inch pine boards from the lumber yard to get ¼ inch thick boards for the drawers. Here's how I did it at the time.

First I put my Kreg fence and resaw-guide on my Delta 14 bandsaw. I also mark a line down the middle of the edge of the board using my hand as a marking gauge. My middle and ring fingers are pressed firmly against the board as I draw my hand from one end to the other.

Using a hand and a pencil to mark a consistent line down the edge of a board

Then I resawed using the bandsaw with a Timberwolf ½ inch 2/3 tpi skip blade, basically splitting the board in half (two 5/16 inch pieces). Plane flat, and you've got two ¼ thick (or so) pieces.

Board about to be cut in half with a bandsaw. The bright blue resaw guide is visible to the left of the board

Previously I had resawed by hand, but some time a few months back I got the Kreg fence and it makes getting pretty close using the bandsaw quick and easy. One day I went through a bunch of the pine offcuts and made enough quarter-thick boards for all the drawers (I hope).

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