Forge Table – #4 Roughing the legs

Finally got back to working on the table again today (after almost three months off). All my clamps are busy holding bookcases that got glued up this morning, and it was time to move this forward a bit.

I had made some roughly rectangular pieces of ash for the legs last time. Today I felt good enough about my lathe skills to make them round. At 32” long, they're about the longest piece I can work in my lathe.

I put on the Nova chuck with the 2” jaws. That can reliably hold pieces this size. And I put the live center on the other end of the lathe.

Then I found centers on the four legs. This one was the worst, so I left it for last.

A rectangular leg with the center marked

I guess I should probably do a better job of getting square legs (or octagons) and I would if I was using the bungie lathe, but electricity makes me lazy.

Took me about a half-hour per leg, including futzing-around-time, but I've got four round legs now.

Four legs, roughly turned

I still have a fair amount of work to do. The all need ¾” tenons turned on one end, and they're currently 1⅝” – I'll do some sort of spindle turning to make them pretty and to practice. Plus I'll need two stretchers with a central piece to hold them in an X, and I'll need to drill holes in the legs for the stretchers. But today's Sunday, and I've done enough for today.

Plus I need to sweep up and take out the trash. I've got more than a 5 gallon bucket of little ash chips that came off with the roughing gouge.

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