Jefferson Bookcases – End of January Update

Originally written January 29, 2021

Been a couple pretty slow weeks on the bookcase front. I've had a few other projects pop up, most notably a sign to go on the dog-poop-bag-dispenser station I'm going to be putting at the corner of our lot once the ground thaws a little more, which has required me to learn how to carve round letters better (because there's lots of curves in “POOP”), and just getting a bit fatigued with building bookcases.

I've started on three new (small) plinths to go in the hallway. They'll hold stacks of four cases of paperbacks each. Between that and another tall stack of paperbacks behind the door, I'm hoping I can get closer to getting all the boxes unpacked.

Plus there's been time reorganizing the books I do have unboxed. The Jefferson cases have made some of this easier, as I've done significant reorganization by moving entire cases of books around, rather than having to take them out of one case and put them into another. The library isn't organized yet, but it's getting closer, and I may actually stand a chance of finding a book when I go looking for one.

I've also lost a couple days to sloth. I spent the days just reading a book in the house, rather than heading out to the shop, and that felt pretty good too. But my new gouges (a 15mm wide #5 and #7 so I have the right radius gouges for carving the Os I need) should arrive in the mail today, so I can make some progress on the sign, and I've cut the lumber for the three plinths to size and cut the dovetails and the curve for one, which I'll glue up this morning. Maybe I can finish gluing up the other two before the mailman gets here with my new tools.

So that's the update. No photos with this update. I'll probably wait until I get the next three stacks of cases built, or at least get a good start on them, before I update again.

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