Jefferson Bookcases – More Plinths, Different Sizes

Originally written Nov 11, 2022

Realized over the past couple days that I'm going to need more stacks of cases, which means more plinths.

I'm going to have one case (at least) which will be 16-ish inches deep, so it can hold coffee-table books. I'm aiming for 15½” total depth, which means a plinth 16¼” on the outside. And I'll need a small stack of cases (made up of the medium case and smaller) which will be able to fit behind the door.

So today I dug out my templates for the plinths (really glad I made templates now), and cut six front-and-back boards (31 inches long) and a set of small, medium, and large sides (8¼, 12¼, and 16¼ long), and then cut the curved cutouts on the three boards that I decided were the fronts. I still cut the boards that will brace inside the front of the plinths and also the corner-blocks, but that can happen tomorrow when I need a break from dovetails.

A total of 25 cases shown in a bedroom

Just as a reminder, here's what the cases look like today. The cheap wood-grain case on the right will get replaced by a stack (the back is coming off it, which means it's far less sturdy than it should be), and two more stacks will get added.

My sweetie is glad I've decided to make more stacks, even though it means it'll take a few extra days to get the cases done. She was worried she would discover me buried under a pile of books some day after one of the stacks tipped over.

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