Jefferson Bookcases – Periodic Update

Originally written Jan 6, 2021

I'm still building cases. I'm down to ten boxes of books remaining to open, but I have thirteen rows of paperbacks waiting for me to build small boxes to hold them. Looks like my library is going to expand into the hallway, with three stacks of four or five paperback cases, and another stack of a bunch of paperbacks living behind the door (behind where this picture was taken from). The current panorama shows 47 completed cases.

Panorama showing 47 cases in eight stacks

I've donated four boxes of books to the library, and have another almost ready to go. I suspect they'll be selling most of the books I've donated. Or passing them on to prisoners who can't use the prison libraries because they're closed due to COVID. Regardless, better that someone gets to read them.

I picked up the fourth load of pine just after Christmas. I'm pretty sure this will be enough to finish the job, but I said that after the third load, too.

Oh well. Back to cutting dovetails…

Totals so far: * Number of pencils sharpened down to less than 2 inches: 5½ * Number of dovetail saws resharpened by RMSW: 3 * Number of pounds of shellac used: 4.5 * Number of gallons of alcohol used: 3

A pencil, sharpened to less than 2 inches

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