Jefferson Bookcases – Winging it with Big Cases

Originally written Aug 8, 2020

After getting my third case glued up, and my second one finished and installed, I unpacked a box which held some of my big-ass art books and measured a few of them. Sixteen inches tall! That's not going to fit!

Two large cases with large books

So I called an audible. Since all the lumber I bought was in four foot lengths (48 inches), and the cases are 30¼ inches wide on the outside, I can pretty easily make a case that's… carry the one… 17¾ inches tall on the outside, minus ¾ inch twice for the wood thickness, and I've got a case that'll hold a book that's 16¼ inches tall.

An "extra large" case in the clamps

For back boards, a 1×12 and a 1×8 will add up to 18 inches and change, but I'll need to nail them to the back outside of the case instead of rabbeting them flush, so the big-ass art books won't hang out the front of the box. And because it's been a long day, I figured I'll work out all the math for those boards tomorrow. I should have enough width to overlap them by at least a half inch. ⅜ and ¾ are my fixed width rabbet saws, so one of those will hopefully do the trick.

Also of note, each box takes 2oz of shellac flakes in 13oz of denatured alcohol to finish (filling a Late July brand salsa jar). I'm going to have to order more shellac, and probably pretty soon. Guess I should've gone for the five pound discount last time.

Oh well. Another day, another two boxes (though the second one still needs a quick sanding and a final coat of shellac). I'll write up my finishing schedule another day.

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