A place to gather words before they get lost.

One for every one thousand; one thousand for every one

Collectively composing eulogies, etching ink in the shadows of candles of lights of remembrance

One for every one thousand; one thousand for every one

  • inspired by the candlelight vigil marking the US pandemic death toll at 500,000 (and 2.5 million, worldwide)

Any writer working with words easily becomes dazzled by science;

Like mapping the Sun's magnetic fields:

each daily interruption a cause for disruption, light years beyond our vision and thought

Such science, fuels art

inspired by

Oh, Root, can't you, too, do the corkscrew? Can't you twirl and waggle and boogie your way

t h r o u g h

Or maybe you can't yet dance because you can't yet feel the rhythm of the soil, singing its song for you

inspired by

”... some roots can't do the corkscrew dance. The culprit, they found, is a mutation in a gene called HK1 that makes them grow straight down, instead of circling and meandering like other roots do.”

Found letters; Gathered archives older than dust and time,

boxed from way back, when; then we start to re-read the world,

following each step, in order to find our way forward, again

— based on a passage about Sankofa, an African (Akan) symbol of learning from the past – from #write4right

To A Snowstorm

Long after you've worn out your welcome -

after you've fallen into each of our reluctant arms

and covered our broken blemishes with yesterday's charms -

we can't help but find you beautiful,

a tumbling piece of sky to wonder these days by

Armogan (Definition: Taking advantage of an unexpected opportunity)

Wet your finger to the wind for whatever the breeze brings in

The end is where we begin if signs are right; the tides come in;

Navigating strings as opportunity sings

Inspired by an exploration of the word in The Cabinet of Calm (Soothing Words for a Troubled World) by Paul Anthony Jones

Alternative Names for the Daily Newspaper

  1. smudged inked fingers, with coffee and scones
  2. echoed shouts of rolling machines in motion
  3. camera lens clickclickclickclickclicking
  4. question/answer question/answer question/
  5. crumpled thin paper fire starter
  6. Relic, yet reliable
  7. Tipping on the balance beam, daily
  8. The space where death goes to be noticed and remembered
  9. Paneled fun space art show gallery
  10. Help Wanted: A daily document to connect the community

for #openwrite

inspired by

Hiding Myself in Annotation (An Experimental Poem)

One: See #2

Two: Where a part of me might linger in a poet's notes, the other ghosts to

Three: See #5

Four: You notice I'd crouching not revealing much, in order to hide to

Five: In public spheres, where one so easily disappears, I am barely these words as you think you know me here

Six: See #3 then step to #8

Seven: I am Kevin. That much is truth.

Eight: I am writer power poet teacher preacher songwriting go it alone leaping forward like skipping stone to #10

Nine: See what I did there? Gave just enough verse to completely disappear from here, and then hit the poem upon reverse

Ten: Back to #7

for #openwrite

Whose woods these are I may no longer know as my shoes dip heavy through new-fallen snow

The dog's beyond me, on the trail of a scent as I follow her tracks, in silence, seemingly sent

from somewhere above; trees grabbing midwinter sky as I hike through the gap between the ground, and I

for #openwrite with hat nod to Robert Frost (of course)

Let's meet somewhere in the music

in the space between the staves and sound vibrations of the treble clef

Let's meet somewhere where chords connect, where your notes complement mine

in the rhythm of the movement of the signature of the time

Let's meet somewhere at the start,

and then let's meet again at the end:

this joyous singing heart

for #openwrite