A place to gather words before they get lost.

Three Stories Before Sunrise

The first story before sunrise brought us to the dirt, found us prone to belief

The second story before sunrise brought us joyful noise, a song sung to a sorrowed world

The third story before sunrise brought us into rhythm, so much movement 'til morning

inspired by Sherman Alexi's The Powwow At the End of the World via

You Glide

Glissando sliding along these edges

Squint your eyes to notice the places in the poem

where the liminal converge, the pockets where your words glide

into mine to become ours

Inspired by #ds106 Lines of Thought Collab Wheel

My son's quiver comes bidden with a point,

his arrow aimed straight for what is true:

in this place, I am always me, and you,

you are always you

inspired by From Whereas by Layli Long Soldier

Wonder rises;

another day, surprises

us, beckons us, calls

for words; for, in this,

we trust the day

to fall our way

together again

Inspired by #ds106 Lines of Thought Collab Wheel

Will You Knit Our Thoughts Together?

We knit these strands to understand the knots of words inside these lines of angled thoughts and beautiful flight and juxtaposed designs

Inspired by #ds106 Lines of Thought Collab Wheel

Squiggles Break My Art

I ve kicked this po em around somuch the words have fa... ...ll.... ….en

a p a r


Paintingwitheditmarks, computer squiGGles break my


Inspired by George Ella Lyon via via #nwp

If only this poem you wrote for me were a rocket, then I'd have an excuse for why I forgot to place, with love, this poem inside my jacket pocket

Interfulgent (for when hope seems lost)

Remember, there comes slanted beams of light, sun breaking through darkened boughs of trees

even after the darkest night arrives — it, too, leaves

Inspired by an exploration of the word in The Cabinet of Calm (Soothing Words for a Troubled World) by Paul Anthony Jones

Remember the dance language is, that life is .. — Joy Harjo, from Remember

Between this chatter of dance and circumstance, we laughed at the ways our bodies, swayed, the way the music played then shook our voices towards tomorrow, from today

inspired by

Words Bring Us Through

Where are the notes when you need them the most

the tongues of strings that have no name but still, sing:

cancion, oran, kanzunetta, laul, canco, abesti song

Rest, then, for when you least expect it to: Words bring us through

Inspired by Dan (Zev) Levinson prompt of language and his “Sundailed” via for #nwp