A place to gather words before they get lost.

Shredded paper pictures – do your best on this Rorschach test - we're only watching to witness what it is you make — what three pieces of abandoned trees, create — then, compost the art, as fiber fill – freeze the frame in image, still

for #ds106

All Ends Are Merely Beginnings

What at first might seem like merely pins on the map become stories of a place when you dig deeper in – wrapping fingers into dirt, resting ear against wood, scratching words into stone; so sit with it for awhile and let the land tell you its tale of where it's been and where we're going

Pause point for #nwp #writeacrossamerica

For Mary Ann Shadd

When Frederick Douglass asked, she answered: do more; talk less, and then she spilled ink and ideas on the page, advocating change

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Allee Gathering

Knees scraping against the bark and bite of ancient things, this tree's rings speak of something larger than us, seated as we are, here, with feet in the shade of solitude, the ghosts of Maple Allee hover just beyond us, singing as they always will with hope for roots and soil

for the #NWP #writeacrossamerica project (New York)

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Oracle of Lacuna

only half a house buried in dirt becomes the bricks a writer might use to build a few words into only half a home for a poem

for the #NWP #writeacrossamerica project (New York)

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Each and every morning, I dance to your music - my ears lingering over your poetry - we dance even when we are apart

— inspired by a quote from Osho

Phenakistoscope Poem

Carefully, now, cut and place your words so that they are to become the edges and motion of these poems and remember, and design it, so that poets may shift shape and fade into the turning wheel with places for all of us, everyone, each reader is only here for the spin

for DS106

Now words are edges of poems and poets fade with each spin

Wake up – Wake up, Twinkle Toes: this new day goes where the data always flows where the screen always knows which way the wind is sure to blow so open up your eyes even sunrise won't know if you're stuck inside the poems or stuck inside the prose; so Wake up – Wake up Twinkle Toes

for DS106

Call it karma if you want or some other mad trick of the world

for just when you get a bit too confident and cocky for your own good

Life slingshots jagged stones to put you back into place:

stay humble

Naval frigate USS Jesse L. Brown cut across oceans of racial divide, each tide carrying this cherished local hero's story

— the first Black naval aviator and the first Black naval officer killed in the Korean War —

a little bit further into navigating a world of understanding

for the #NWP #writeacrossamerica project (Mississippi)

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