Toss the coin:

the fountain's fingers grabs the gift and lets fate spin

the thought lingers on your lips, hope springs forth from childhood tales

of wonder that this, an object given, will become that, the wish granted;

always, in ways one can never expect, the straight line of time, curves

a #clmooc doodle prompt as poetry

Handholds and crevasse marks; the scale of it nearly overwhelms the senses — you can't look up from below to understand the scale of this place — you need to gaze out from above

a #clmooc doodle prompt via

Such lost words, scattered: when seen from this perspective, connections matter

for #clmooc

In this space of two, of me and you, and every lamb and ewe, we find our way forward into the day, nary a network in sight, for night covers these strange connections that hold us together

a #smallpoems inspired by @tellio post for #clmooc