Gracious thankfulness: for all who find ways to play and collaborate

for #ds106 and #clmooc

Drinking this moisture in a cup balanced on air; humid days are here

#smallpoems #clmooc #sundayhaiku response

for Algot

A misplaced hour where the gap between the night and morning exists

for Algot

#SundayHaiku response #clmooc #smallpoems

What is hope

but a rope for which to climb

a chance to take our time

a moment in which we find

something within us that brings us together

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Shaded play before slumber, the sunshine filters shortened day summer

#SundayHaiku response on Monday #smallpoems #clmooc

for Algot

So thirsty, the soil sits, with its tongue hanging out; waiting for the rains

#SundayHaiku response #smallpoems #clmooc for Algot

Quiet now: let winds bring the scent of flowering trees to where you are

#smallpoems #SundayHaiku response #clmooc

This wood, follows the wood; follows the current; follows the stream

where every bend in the river seems distant, the ripples along the surface call us

to consider the unknown, the stories of where we came from and the stories of where we're going

for #clmooc

I always gawk when we walk by the window of instruments on Main and Third

They gleam of gold dust and silver keys, of taut strings and harmonies

I ignore the cars, the trucks, the people, the chatter

I focus only on the frozen scene, the one place where music matters

for #clmooc

Sun collector City inspector People detector Story connector

All these things, stick, when you while away your days, leaning back against brick

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