Joe, GI, kept his world to himself, his head knocked off by a fall from the shelf

Joe's hands, replaced backwards after a tragic twist of fate, couldn't grip a gun,

but in some remixed world, Joe and Barbie, and maybe Ken, might have had a bit of fun

for #OpenWrite

Not even we thought we would win

but every streak begins with hope

for #OpenWrite

Hop On Pop and its nonsensical Seuss-ian verse and rhyme was the first time I ever read a book on my own, and in our home, reading books was a cherished time, the quiet often descending after dinner, but for the turning of the page

for #OpenWrite

Chips in a bowl with jagged edges and small broken parts - fingers messy and lips, apart, we attack these snacks with full abandon and a jar of Salsa

for #OpenWrite

You never knew how I was watching you layer the pasta, then the sauce, then ricotta, sausage, beef, plus all the other odds and ends you wove into the dish, making it ever more delicious to eat, and I still remember, when I'd close my eyes to take a bite, it was like finding a poem, buried beneath

for #openwrite

Why'd I ever said yes, is anyone's guess, but there I was, sax in hand, a teenager on stage, more than a little afraid, joining a Portuguese wedding band

for #openwrite

the bend's where we spent our summer days, the soft elbow in the little river and wooded pines providing us a place for us to play, the holler of our families calling us to dinner just beyond an ear-shot away

for #openwrite

Rain drenched; We've spent time today watching the sky fall while wondering on the sun

a fibonacci poem for #openwrite

Fly, pigs, fly find the sky don't worry why the ground is passing you by - for you are a wondrous contraption build with levity to imagine soaring up high: so fly, pigs, fly

for #openwrite

You occupied an odd slot for an educational institution like ours

Smart, a maverick, a ponderer of horizontal moves, a questioner of nearly everything,

but you were one who never fit, residing as you did in turmoil, and I wonder if you found your place

and if I did enough to help you on your way to wherever your way has taken you

for #mastoprompt and #openwrite